Gadgets for the keychain: Mini Game Boy, power bank, tools Good keychains help in everyday life. We show curious models that serve as charging cables, power banks, memory sticks, card readers or game consoles. 8:00 p.m. tech stage

gadgets for the keychain mini game boy power bank tools.jpeg
gadgets for the keychain mini game boy power bank tools.jpeg

Good key fobs not only keep the keys together, but also help in everyday life. We show curious models that serve as charging cables, power banks, memory sticks, card readers or game consoles.

It doesn’t matter whether the bunch of keys is large or rather slim, key fobs make the constant companion really individual. In addition to classic pendants with sayings or logos, bottle openers or shopping trolley chips, there is a whole range of really practical models.

We have selected a few variants that we recommend based on our own experience and summarized them here.

Mini consoles or Tamagotchi trailers are relatively clumsy and above all a gag.

Keyfinders are a very practical gadget for the bunch of keys . Long and tiresome searches for the key are now a thing of the past. The whereabouts are conveniently determined by remote control or smartphone and displayed by a beep. The range of the top models is over 100 meters. Simple key finders work with a remote control – the control here is very simple. You can’t do much more with it than trigger the alarm. Trackers with Bluetooth are significantly more powerful here. Our comparison test of 14 key finders shows what else the practical helpers for controlling via smartphone can do . It is less conspicuous than an external key findersmart key holder with integrated LED and Tile Bluetooth tracker . Although it is very practical and compact, it costs a whopping 50 to 70 euros.

Ultimately, most key finders differ only in details. The only real exception is Apple’s key finder. The Airtag (test report) also works as a live tracker thanks to effective software, but only with iOS. In order to attach this gadget to the bunch of keys, however, you first need an additional holder. Because there is so much to choose from, we show the must-have accessories for AirTags in a separate guide.

Key finders help to find keys and smartphones.

In order to pump some electricity into your smartphone or camera in the car or on the laptop, you need the right charging cable. Stupid only if this is at home. In such situations, the always ready-to-hand charging cable on the bunch of keys helps . They may be short, but they are always with you.

These two charging cables look very similar. However, the rear model only has a Lightning connector. The front also has Micro-USB and USB-C.

The cables and adapters are available in numerous designs and with different plugs. The most flexible are the multi-charging cables with classic USB-A to USB-C, micro-USB and the Apple Lightning port.

Variants with a magnetic closure are convenient to use, but they can also be lost quickly. We also recommend purchasing a model with a protective cap. Otherwise, the connectors can get dirty during transport in your trouser pocket and, in the worst case, be damaged.

Experience has shown that these cables do not last forever and are also easily lost. Our private cable is therefore in a pocket of our backpack instead of hanging on the bunch of keys.

It’s extremely annoying when your smartphone, smartwatch, headphones or action cam go out of power while you’re out and about. It’s even worse when there isn’t an outlet available far and wide. It’s useful to have a power bank to hand. It doesn’t have to be big or heavy. The capacity of the mini power banks for the bunch of keys is not particularly high, but that’s not the point. The small battery for your pocket serves as an emergency power supply and the available models are sufficiently dimensioned for this. If you don’t want to carry an additional cable with you, you should get a model with an integrated charging cable.

Users of the Apple Watch can even conveniently and wirelessly recharge them on the go with small Qi power banks for their bunch of keys . Thanks to its compact dimensions, the practical emergency battery looks like an ordinary trailer.

Although action cams, cameras and drones now transmit their recordings wirelessly, it is worth buying a card reader for your bunch of keys if you use them frequently . The transmission speed of the card reader is significantly higher than that via Bluetooth or WLAN. If you want to transfer your videos from Gopro or Mavic Mini (test report) to your smartphone, for example, you save a lot of time and at the same time protect the battery of the devices.

Memory sticks, charging cables and card readers are available with multifunctional USB ports for USB, Micro-USB, USB-C and Lightning connections.

In addition to the classic USB-A connection, the readers are also available with Lightning, Micro-USB or USB-C connections. The most flexible are models with several connection options. These should be protected against dirt and damage. Whether the card reader accepts several memory card sizes or, for example, only micro SD cards depends on personal needs.

Although the internal memory of smartphones is often sufficient, an additional USB stick for the bunch of keys is extremely useful. The memory sticks, which are available in a very compact design, not only offer space for videos and photos from the last family reunion, they are also ideal for backing up your own smartphone.

The USB sticks are available with different connections and designs.