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Futurepedia, hundreds of tools where Artificial Intelligence is the protagonist

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In our Artificial Intelligence category we have discussed a lot of news and resources in recent years, but there is one place where you can see many such tools classified in different ways.

This is Futurepedia, a directory of AI tools that is updated at a good rate, about five new ones every day.

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In it we can have more than 250 tools that can be sorted and filtered, actively selected, and that can be saved in favorites.

The team also has verified badges for tools that have been tested for quality.

We have already mentioned many of them here, in WWWhatsnew, but it is worth remembering them once again:

– palette.fm – Colorize black and white images automatically, without registration and for free.
– podcast.ai – A podcast generated entirely by artificial intelligence. Each week they explore a new topic in depth and listeners can suggest topics or even guests and hosts for future episodes.
– Andi – an information search assistant. Andi uses generative AI. Instead of just links, Andi gives answers, it’s like talking to a smart friend.
– Namelix will generate a short business and brand name using artificial intelligence. It’s also great for discovering new domain names.

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This is just an example of some of the free tools that can be found, although there are many other paid and other freemium ones.

Unfortunately, the vast majority only use English, since it is the language with which Artificial Intelligence systems have been trained the most in the West.

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