Future iPhones won’t need cases: they’ll be ‘virtually unbreakable’

Future iPhones won't need cases: they'll be 'virtually unbreakable'
future iphones won't need cases: they'll be 'virtually unbreakable'

Future iPhones won't need cases: they'll be 'virtually unbreakable'

Manzana is working to take an important step in its iphone and that, surely, if it comes to fruition, the effort will be very important for the users. His idea is to get a ultra-resistant casing designed for your smartphones.

This new casing promises Eliminate the need for protective covers, offering an integrated solution that combines high-quality materials to provide protection superior to anything seen to date in a mobile phone. According to the data available, Apple’s engineering team aims to create a chassis that is not only durable, but also aesthetically appealing to match the iPhone.

This casing uses a combination cutting-edge materials, such as aluminum and ceramics, along with polymers and amorphous metals, to offer exceptional resistance against drops, bumps and scratches. Therefore, we are talking about something that will be completely different from the competition.

Back of iPhone 14 Pro phone

There would be many benefits

One of the main ones is that would not alter the sleek and slim design of the iPhone. Many people choose to use cases to protect their devices, but they often find that they add bulk and weight to the phone. With this new work, users can enjoy maximum protection without compromising aesthetics.

Furthermore, the ultra-durable casing would also offer an excellent touch experience. The selected materials allow a firm and comfortable grip, preventing the iPhone from slipping out of the hands. Another standout feature of this case would be its compatibility with wireless charging. Unlike some protective covers -which interfere with this option-, the new finish would be designed not to be a problem.

Future iPhone case patent
Patent Apple

Something that would be for the iPhone of the future

With the introduction of this innovative casing, which for the moment has already acquired the corresponding patent, Apple seeks to offer users an improved user experience when using the iPhone -since they would always be optimally protected-. This ultra-durable case/chassis is yet another example of the forward-thinking work Apple always does for its products.

If this improvement from Apple finally reaches the market, it will be a revolutionary solution that eliminates the need for protective cases with the iPhone. With its combination of advanced materials and elegant design, this case provides great optimal protection without compromising the functionality of the iPhone. It will be necessary to see if the Cupertino company is capable of achieving what, at least in design, they already have a clear idea of ​​how to achieve.


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