Futurama Bender becomes a personal assistant: goodbye Alexa and Google Assistant!

Futurama Bender becomes a personal assistant: goodbye Alexa and Google Assistant!

A Reddit user, Zen_Kong, shared a printing project to create a personal assistant inspired by Futender’s Bender, based on Raspberry Pi Zero W. Unlike those currently on the market, such as Alexa, Google Assistant and Siri, moreover, this does not require any internet connection.

Zen_Kong, to demonstrate the goodness of the project, has also published the video you find at the bottom, in which the assistant in action is shown. The answers are taken from phrases from the popular Matt Groening cartoon, and of course at the moment they are only available in English.

As noted by many, the procedure that led to the creation of this personal assistant is not within everyone’s reach and requires some experience and tools. Various 3D printers are required to precisely manufacture all parts and components, to which are added the eyes and teeth which must be manufactured in such a way as to allow light to pass through.

I will make my own “smart” speaker with blackjack and hookers! Based on a Raspberry Pi Zero W. Body parts are 3D-printed(eyes and teeth using Anycubic Photon, other parts using Creality Ender 3). The software is written in Python. Pocketsphinx is used for speech recognition, completely offline.
byu/Zen_Kong inraspberry_pi

IS’ A Raspberry Pi Zero W is also needed, the inexpensive microcomputer on which Pocketsphinx must be installed, the program that is able to provide answers to user commands and which, as mentioned above, does not require any internet connection. Lines of code written in Python have also been published on Github to improve recognition.

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goodbye to Alexa and Google Assistant is near?