FUELL Flow, an electric motorcycle of the future that reaches our present


Today is the introduction of the FUELL Flow electric motorcycle, the brainchild of Erik Buell, whose more than 13,000 motorcycle designs have forever influenced the two-wheeler engineering industry.

He confirms that this is the most radically innovative chassis design he’s ever done, full of new design concepts that no one has done before.

Weighing less than 180kg, the FUELL Flow is designed to offer powerful acceleration and urban range of up to 240km, with fast charging in less than 30 minutes, module-upgradable design, connected iPhone/Android app and cloud data.

For this launch, FUELL partnered with Prelaunch.com, a platform that uses e-commerce logic to measure the actual purchase intentions of potential customers. This platform allows entrepreneurs to predict how customers would react to a particular product idea if it were launched. The tool helps its users to avoid wasting their time and resources in unexpected scenarios.

FUELL Flow will be available for pre-order at Prelaunch Inc. for a limited time

How is FUELL Flow

It is a motorcycle of 11,995 dollars, with a 10Kwh battery, an innovative wheel motor with a power of 47hp (optional 15hp), a maximum speed suitable for highway and a high voltage architecture with less than 30 min of time of burden . All this in a sleek modern design with more storage space than most scooters.

They are designing the Flow with a high voltage system, which allows charging in competitive times with the filling of a tank of gasoline. They’re doing it with a smart design that has more onboard storage than most scooters, integrating all the connectivity and safety tech required for a ride.

Among the technical innovations that are being introduced, we have:


– Axially integrated cross-flow motor uniquely integrated into the rear wheel: very high torque from 0 rpm and light weight (patent pending)
– Chassis-integrated battery pack: structurally forms the majority of the chassis (patent pending)
– Ability to upgrade battery packs for new technology and upgrades


– Streamlined Powertrain Integration: Components located to optimize chassis handling and optimize power flow (patent pending)
– High strength light alloy casting (including magnesium)
– Advanced braking system (patent pending) that allows you to release the rear brake pedal
– Integrated chassis and powertrain management with wheelie/traction control

A bit of its history FUELL Flow


The “Fllow urban e-commuter” project was revealed to the world in April 2019, when they launched the “FUELL” brand and Flluid electric bike. They then began designing, engineering and building a full-size motorcycle. They finalized key engineering concepts, began engaging with vendors to develop specific solutions, and built a 1:1 full-size, functional Fllow concept.

Then the pandemic came, creating problems in the supply chain and some of the suppliers. Some specific developments were postponed, with the risk of being cancelled. Investors chickened out and investment promises were put on hold.

Now the supply chain is getting back on track and suppliers are ready to re-engage with FUELL for further development of specific technologies and parts. Technology has also progressed as the EV market has been growing rapidly and started to enter the mass production level, allowing batteries and other parts to reduce costs and become more affordable.

Now they’re launching this pre-launch campaign, where they want to gather as many pre-orders as possible, get to 3,000+ pre-orders to transition to a crowdfunding campaign, and self-fund Flow.

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