From work life to clinical history: four procedures you can do with My Citizen Folder without leaving home

The My Citizen Folder application has become a very useful tool to avoid having to travel to carry out transactions.

Mobile phones have become an essential tool in everyday life, both for communicating and working. Gone is the idea that these devices were only useful for talking or sending messages. Nowadays it is even possible that they help when carry out negotiations with the public administration. Not in vain you can even install the digital certificate on your smartphone.

These operations, which are normally tedious, long and require a lot of time and patience, are gradually becoming digitalized, and there is an application that is bringing together a large part of the functions that can be done in it. It is called My Citizen Folder and it is possibly the best designed app that the Government of Spain currently has.

This application is free, it can be downloaded from the Google and Apple application stores and allows you to carry out a multitude of procedures, related to topics such as education and training, citizenship and residence, work and retirement, health and social affairs, personal situation and family, vehicles and transport, housing and transparency.

Download the Birth Certificate

The first of the tasks that can be performed is downloading the birth certificate. To do this you must select the option My folder, in the bottom bar, right in the center. The next step is to go to the section Personal situation.

There you have to navigate to the section Personal informationand select an option called Certificate literal birth. This option, for now, is only available for now for those born in Spain. If pressed, a screen with the user’s personal data is displayed, and a button at the bottom with the text Look for.

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Birth certificate in the My Citizen Folder application

After asking the system to search for the data, a result will be displayed with a link from which the certificate can be downloaded. This will be saved in the phone’s internal memory, as a PDF file. If necessary you can send by email, attach to any procedure, and even print.

Notices to renew documents

Another function of this application is being able to schedule notifications so that, before our official documents expire, we are notified. In this way, we can go and renew our DNI or driving license without risking being stopped on the street and asked by the police, only to realize at that moment that we had missed renewing it. In addition to establishing notices, this application gives us the necessary links to request the renewal of the DNI at a police station. This procedure cannot yet be done electronicallybut we are allowed to make an appointment in this way to renew it.

Alert settings

To activate the alerts you have to click at the bottom on the Settings button. On the next screen, click on Notice configuration, where there are two different sections, general and specific configuration. If we select general configuration You can activate receiving push notifications (notifications that arrive on your mobile) and receive alerts by email. Of course, for the push notifications option you have to click on the yellow window that appears so that on the next screen you click on notifications and allow the system to access notifications from My Citizen Folder. If the email notification is activated, you must add an email from the Email Address option.

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Consult medical history

One of the latest features of the application was being able to consult our medical history from it. To do this you have to go to the icon My folder, on the bottom. There you select Health and social affairsand within that section Clinical History of the national Health system. After identifying ourselves (with the Permanent Key or the Electronic Certificate) a section will open in which the document to consult will be chosen.

Interface to download medical history

The options are Summary Clinical History, the Clinical Reportsthe European Patient Summary, Imaging test results reports, laboratory tests and reports of results of other diagnostic tests.

Download work life

Downloading your working life electronically has been possible for many years. Of course, browsing the administration websites to find access was sometimes not the easiest thing to do. Now you simply have to go to the section called My folder, in the bottom bar, in the central part. Within that section you have to click on Work and benefitsand choose the first of the options, called Social Security and Work Life.

Laboral life

At the bottom of the interface is the option to See Complete Work Life, which is the one to choose. You will be redirected to the Social Security website, where you can consult Working Life. You will have to identify yourself in one of the four available ways. There you can download Working Life in a PDF on our smartphone simply by touching the blue button from the bottom of the screen.

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The My Citizen Folder application continues to be updated from time to time, offering new functions to users. Among the latter, the consultation of the history of municipalities of residencechecking high-level athlete status, downloading the registration certificate with the European annex or customizing the application’s calendar alerts.