From video games to movies and now to LEGO: Sonic returns to the fray

from video games to movies and now to lego: sonic
from video games to movies and now to lego: sonic

Sonic is back in action, but now in the form of LEGO sets. Thus, the famous Sega character follows in the footsteps of Super Mario, which already has one of the largest collections of sets from the toy brand. The followers of the blue hedgehog, will find some sets designed taking the universe of video games as a reference and designed for all kinds of people to enjoy. Beginning at 6 years. They will arrive in the month of August celebrating the good form in which the hero’s fame is found.

LEGO and Sega collaborate once again with the intention of expanding the availability of Sonic products. Previously, the character had starred in the LEGO Ideas Sonic the Hedgehog Green Hill Zone set, which enjoyed great impact among fans of construction toys and the character. Now LEGO is preparing for the definitive debut of the hero in its catalog with a collection of four sets that will allow young and old to have fun with some of the main scenarios of the video game.

Four fun-filled sets

Fans of the hero will be delighted to see that Sega has worked in collaboration with LEGO so that this collection provides a faithful and realistic image of what he has meant. the presence of the hero in video games during decades. Because of this, all LEGO pieces use Sonic’s signature color palette and famous locations such as the Green Hill Zone are depicted.

In addition, it has been searched the way to bring interactivity to the sets and so that users have the opportunity to savor the characteristic speed that Sonic puts into all his feats. This is something that can be seen, for example, in the Sonic’s Speed ​​Sphere Challenge set (Sonic The Hedgehog El Desafío de la Esfera Veloz de Sonic), which includes a button that can be pressed so that the figure of Sonic, properly placed in position beforehand, shoot out and run through the level that the users will have built with the LEGO pieces.

No less important, Sonic does not arrive alone, but they accompany him his allies and his greatest rival, the fearsome Dr. Eggman, whom the audience can no longer help imagining as Jim Carrey due to the success of the two Sonic movies. The rest of the sets that will be available are the following:

  • LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog Tails Workshop and Tornado Plane: which includes Tails’ plane and his workshop.
  • LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog Amy’s Animal Rescue Island – Featuring the fearless heroine of the deck and some of the animals Sonic also saves in the games.
  • LEGO Sonic The Hedgehog Sonic’s Green Zone Loop Challenge: a twist with more loops and the presence of the villain Dr. Eggman.

It is important to note that each of the sets includes several figures and a lot of parts, so you can independently enjoy them without having to dispose of the others. In addition, as we already mentioned, the sets have elements that incorporate action and that help reflect the instinct of speed of the Sonic games.

Sonic follows in Mario’s footsteps

It is not the first time that Sonic follows in the wake of Mario, but in this case it is important to bear in mind that the plumber has been succeeding in the LEGO catalog for some time with his own collection of interactive sets. The availability of Sonic sets It will help the fans to be able to divide between both heroes again and even give the possibility of creating stories together. After all, part of the fun of LEGO is how well the sets fit together and how it sparks the creativity of users.

However, one must not forget that Sonic’s relationship with LEGO goes back a long way, since the hero came to have his own construction pack that was launched within the LEGO Dimensions video game collection for children in 2016. Since then, many of the hedgehog fans have been waiting for LEGO to decide to manufacture a collection of sets like the one just presented. This are very good news!


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