From now on it will be easier than ever to reinstall Windows 11 if something goes wrong

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from now on it will be easier than ever to.jpg

Laptop with Windows 11 operating system

Surely it has happened to all of us. Everything works perfectly on your PC, but suddenly something starts to go wrong and you need to reinstall the operating system. Now there will be an easier way to download and install a repair version of Windows 11 in just three clicks.


Microsoft wants to simplify the process of repairing Windows 11 and at the same time make sure we don’t miss anything important in the process.

Windows 11 Repair Version

Until now, if you want reinstall Windows 11 without fear of losing important files, perhaps to fix a problem that returning to a repair point does not resolve, you should perform this process using the media creation tool. This way, you can keep all your files, settings and installed applications, but reinstall the installed version of Windows or even a more current one without losing everything.

Recover operating system from Windows Update



However, in the near future a new way of carrying out this same procedure will arrive, but simplifying the process. After being tested for a few months by Insider or Canary users, now the new function “Solve problems with Windows Update” will allow you reinstall the operating system using Windows Update.

It will be as simple as opening the options of our PC with the Microsoft operating system and following the following path: Settings > System > Recovery and «Fix problems with Windows Update«. As Microsoft explains, “The content of the repair is displayed on the Windows Update settings page with the accompanying title “(repair version)”. This capability can be useful in many cases, but is intended to keep the device secure and up to date. Devices may need to complete ongoing updates before this process takes effect.”.

Once you follow the aforementioned steps, you will only have to accept the message in progress and give permission for the restart. “If a repair solution is available, we will try to repair corruption of system components reinstalling the current version of Windows. Your apps, documents, and settings will be preserved. Make sure your PC is turned on and connected to the network and a power source. After installation, we will notify you when it is time to restart your PC to complete the repair..

A great novelty for 2024

This feature is not currently available to everyone, as it is still under development. After being available to the most exclusive users with access to early tests of the operating system, it is now available in the latest version of preview of Windows 11 via the Beta Channel, which could indicate that this feature could arrive soon.

In fact, this new feature is expected to be available to everyone in January or February 2024coinciding with Microsoft’s release of a new major operating system update: Moment 5.

In case you want to try it or you really need it and you can’t wait for the official release of the new featureyou will need to use a third-party tool like ViVeTool to activate it if you are not one of the lucky developers selected by Microsoft to try it out.



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