From Gmail to Bard: this is how I have worked with Google applications daily for more than a decade

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The Google application ecosystem is really useful for working, whether it is done at home or remotely, at home.


I have been working for about 25 years, in very different things. When I started Computers were still something niche that was beginning to be common, cell phones were not even remotely intelligent and Google had literally just been launched. During this time I have worked in everything from a waiter to an architect, and I have also been a teacher. Currently, as is obvious, I work as an editor, and I have done so for more than a decade.

In this time I have seen how the Google ecosystem has evolved at the same time as Android. In fact, Google bought Andy Rubin’s company to secure an important role in the transition from the computer to the smartphone. And he knew how to see it well, avoiding what happened to Microsoft or companies like Nokia or BlackBerry.

I currently work remotely, so apps connected to the rest of the team are crucial. I use programs from many companies, such as Telegram or Slack, but most of the apps I use from Google from mobile browser to Bard.

There are certain jobs that require a device to operate from, be it a mobile phone, a computer or a tablet. But when several are required at the same time Although there is a main one, the interconnection of different applications and services is key. That is why the cloud, the servers of large companies like Google, are critical.

In my case I work with a Apple desktop computer, a Windows laptop and an Android smartphone. Google is, without a doubt, the one that best integrates its applications into the different operating systems, even if they are not the best (that depends on taste). Maybe if I had an iPhone and a MacBook my choices would be different, but that’s not the case.

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Taking that into account, There are services that I use on all three devices and others that I only use on some. The key is that Google has web versions for almost all of its mobile or desktop applications. This is important because many companies do not have web versions, or do not have applications, so it is a hassle to use them on computers or mobile phones.

Finally, I have to do special mention of google assistant. I use this software daily, several times a day, both for leisure and work, and the integration with Google apps is something that helps me a lot.

In my daily life I use dozens of applications, although some only occasionally, not every week. We are going to discard those, and I am going to focus on which ones I use daily, whether with computers or mobile phones.

There are other applications that I use only at certain times of my work, such as when I travel. In those cases (which are more than it might seem) there are services such as Google Maps either Google Wallet that are essential to me.

Just because you use so many Google apps doesn’t mean you don’t use apps from other companies. For example, many times instead of Google Drive I use onedrive from Microsoft, more out of habit than because Google Drive works poorly. Likewise, to stay up to date with the many podcast shows I listen to for work I use PocketCasts, instead of Google Podcasts. Here the quality of the Google application is much lower.

As I said at the beginning, I also use applications like Telegram either Slackwhich are the ones used in my work environment, as well as WhatsAppbecause in Spain it has become a work tool as well.

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