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From creating basic applications to making a mobile: the Simple Phone is Open Source and has no trace of Google

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A new mobile manufacturer appears among the crowded pile of secondary brands seeking to gain a foothold in the market: the Simple Phone is now official. Created by a well-known app developer, said Simple Phone promises a clean Google experience with a mid-range mobile which includes open source software: SimpleOS.

With so many apps mindlessly growing by adding features no one uses, there was one developer who decided to walk in the opposite direction, towards the simple. With this idea in mind, he created different apps for basic use focused on offering just what was necessary for the specific type of software they were targeting. And, as the apps fell short, he has ended up developing his own smartphone, the Simple Phone. It can be reserved now.

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100% free software and low-end hardware


Tibor Kaputa, developer of the Simple Mobile Tools application compendium, collaborated with The Good Phone Foundation, a foundation that embarked on the task of developing a 100% Open Source operating system, to join forces in the hard task of developing a complete smartphone. Both hardware and software. All designed so that privacy and security are the most important.

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Fruit of the effort, the Simple Phone has already seen the light of an official form. In terms of specifications, the list is in the line of the low end. A MediaTek Helio P60 processor from 2018, 6.53-inch FHD+ LCD screen, 4/128 GB, includes a 4,500 mAh battery. The connector is Type C, but the charging power is unknown.

In terms of photography, the Simple Phone bets on a triple rear camera: 48 megapixel main, 8 megapixel wide angle and a third 5 megapixel sensorsurely tact (not specified).

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The smartphone starts with the SimpleOS operating system, the main asset of the Simple Phone. It is a mobile OS based on Android 11 that is completely free of Google software. It includes the Simple apps, as expected; apart from F-Droid as an app store. And one last detail: the Simple Phone will have at least three years of guaranteed updates.


The great bet of the mobile is security and privacy, the software aims at that. Even so, we do not know how well it will hold up over time with such outdated hardware, it is a great unknown. With one last detail that also works against him: the Simple Phone will cost 399 euros. It can be reserved today and its distribution would begin on November 1.

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