From car manufacturer to launching mobile phones: this is the NIO Phone, NIO’s weapon to combat the iPhone

NIO manufactures electric cars, but its rival is the iPhone and they have just presented their NIO Phone, an interesting workhorse.  A new mobile brand has just been born and it comes from a manufacturer of… electric cars. No, it is not the much-rumored Tesla Phone, but rather NIO’s first smartphone. And it was not a surprise because we already knew that the company had put its efforts in this regard so that car users stop using the iPhone.

The NIO Phone has the auras of a premium mobile with a striking design, the latest components, high-pointing cameras similar to those of the OPPO Find X6 and a button that acts as a car key. Next, we go with all the information about the NIO Phone, the mobile phone that many consider the ‘Chinese Tesla’.

NIO Phone technical sheet

  nio phone
Screen 6.81-inch AMOLED panel

2K resolution with 515 dpi

LTPO refresh from 1 to 120 Hz

Maximum brightness of 1,800 nits

PROCESSOR Snapdragon 8 Gen 2
RAM 12 or 16 GB

Wide angle: 50 Mpx IMX766

Telephoto: IMX890 50 Mpx, 2.8x, OIS

BATTERY 5,200 mAh

Charge 66 W via cable

50W wireless charging

OTHERS IP68 certification

curved panel

Ultrasonic fingerprint sensor

Connectivity with the NIO car

You can use it as a NIO car key

PRICE From 835 euros to the exchange rate

Snapdragon Gen 2 and 50 megapixel triple camera

First of all, let’s go with the main features of the NIO Phone. Taking a look at the technical sheet, andWe are facing a premium mobile with all the letters. The design is clear and catches the eye: it has the company logo in the central part of the rear, a striking camera module that rises above the rear and extends from one side to the other and the cameras do not seem to protrude too much.

The flash is circular (we don’t know if it will act only as a flash or also as the Aura Ring of the Vivo V29 5G) and, since we are talking about the cameras, we find a triple 50 megapixel sensor.

It is a very interesting configuration both because of the megapixels and the sensor model. used, since they have chosen the Sony IMX707 with a size of 1/1.28 inches for the main one, the IMX766 for the wide angle with a huge size (for these sensors) of 1/1.56 inches and the IMX890 for the 2.8x telephoto, also with a size of 1/1.56 inch.


Both the main and tele cameras have optical stabilization and, as we say, it is a configuration that can work great with the right processing.

IF we go to the screen, we see a panel AMOLED with a 2K resolution with a density of 515 pixels per inch and a diagonal of 6.81 inches. The company has indicated that the maximum brightness is 1,800 nits and it is an LTPO panel with a refresh rate of 1 to 120 Hz.

And inside we have the Qualcomm beast, the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 with configurations of 12 or 16 GB of RAM, up to 1 TB of storage and a 5,200 mAh battery with 66W wired charging or with 50 W wireless charging.

The NIO Phone as a replacement for the iPhone

As we say, due to specifications, it is a mobile that we could easily place in the high-premium range and, precisely, the company aims for it to be a substitute for the iPhone.

A few weeks ago, At Xataka we tell you that NIO’s move into the mobile segment was natural. Its CEO, William Li, stated that his company’s rival was Apple. Not the rival of his unannounced mobile phone, but that of his company.


According to his calculations, 60% of NIO car users in China have an iPhone as a mobile phoneso if one day Apple launches its Apple Carthese will be transferred to the Cupertino car due to the ecosystem functions between the mobile phone and the car.

The NIO Phone comes to stand against that and, in a new interview with CNBChas stated that he believes it is very likely that, when car users have to change their mobile phone, they will opt for the NIO Phone.

The reason? The NIO Phone is not a premium range mobile… and that’s it, but it has a system called SkyOS that is focused on merging the experience of the electric car and the smartphone.

The connectivity between the mobile phone and the car is total both to control the vehicle parameters and to open the car itself, since it would work as if it were the key. This integration goes to the point of writing an address on the phone, hitting the copy ‘button’ and having that copied text appear on the clipboard of the navigator integrated into the car.

Of course, You can also control all elements of the vehicle and it is an integration very similar to what we will see in the West if Tesla one day decides to launch a mobile phone. Tesla or any car company.

Versions, price and launch of the NIO Phone


Now, like many recent mobile phones (OPPO’s Find X6 without going any further or the recent Huawei Mate 60 Pro), the NIO Phone is planned only for China. Deliveries will begin this September 28 and William Li has declared in the aforementioned CNBC interview that they have no plans for the European market… at the moment.

Although the company operates in some countries in Europe, the user base does not seem to be significant on our continent and Li has commented that They are not going to launch it until the market grows. For now, they are going to focus on developing good car services for different markets, so we are left without NIO Phone.

About the price of the NIO Phonehere are the versions:

  • NIO Phone with 12 GB of RAM and 512 GB of storage for 6,499 yuan, about 835 euros in exchange.
  • NIO Phone with 12 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage for 6,899 yuan, about 887 euros in exchange.
  • NIO Phone with 16 GB of RAM and 1 TB of storage for 7,499 yuan, about 964 euros in exchange.

It comes in black, green, gray, blue, pink and… one extremely similar to the new natural titanium color of the iPhone 15 Pro.

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