From blocking business calls to transferring them between devices: the tricks of the Google Phone app

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One of the oldest mobile applications has evolved and allows actions such as blocking contacts, filtering SPAM…


Android mobiles come with many pre-installed applications. Many of them are from brands, who want their services to be used. This is especially noticeable in large companies, such as Xiaomi or Samsung. Many other applications are those of Android, those necessary for the system to be able to function. The third group is the one made up of Google applications.

In this last set there is one of the most used and least known applications, the Google Phone application, the one in charge of managing voice calls from any Android mobile. Sometimes it is not the one that comes standard, because some companies replace it with their own, but it can always be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

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It is an application that is integrated into the system and works seamlessly, in conjunction with the Contacts app. But that does not mean that it is not possible to configure certain advanced functions that can make the user experience better. From this simple application you can block annoying phone numbers, divert SPAM, etc.

SPAM calls

The first two functions are integrated into the same section, as they are related to the same topic, SPAM or advertising calls. From this application It is possible to know if an incoming call is made from a number that Google servers consider SPAM analyzing millions of calls from millions of mobile phones.

Besides, it is possible to automatically block these calls with the second setting. Both are in the Settings, the section that is accessed by pressing the three vertical dots icon in the upper right corner. After entering Settings you have to go to Caller ID and SPAM.


There are the options View caller ID and SPAM and Filter SPAM calls. The first shows a red color when a SPAM call is received, warning of this. The second one directly blocks the call and doesn’t even show the notification.

The third function is the one that allows block a phone number. If a call has been received from a SPAM number that has not been detected by Google servers, it is possible to block it manually. You just have to go to Recent Calls and press and hold on the number there. The option to block it will appear.


To know which numbers have been blocked, you have to go to Settings and there select the blocked numbers option. In addition to being able to enter numbers digit by digit to block it It is possible to see the numbers that have already been blocked on that mobile, in addition to being able to cancel that block. by clicking on the subtract icon in red to the right of them.

Caller ID

There is another function that allows the cell phone says the name of the caller out loud, or the phone. To activate this feature you have to go to the Settings and enter Caller ID Announcement. It will allow you to select the option to say it Always, Never or only when using headphones so you don’t have to take out your cell phone to find out who is calling.


Another useful function is be able to silence a call, without hanging up, simply by turning the phone over and putting it face down on a smooth surface. This feature is activated in the Mute when turning section, which is also at the bottom of Settings.

Pause and wait

In some calls to switchboards and special numbers it is necessary that the keystrokes of the numbers be spaced. That’s why the phone app allows Add 2 second pauses either Add a wait, directly on the dial pad. You simply have to click on the three dots icon that appears to the left of the number you are typing.


In addition, it is possible to call the people with whom you interact the most with this application simply pressing and holding the app icon on the desktop, and selecting one of the three that appears. And if you want, in this same floating window you can click to create a new contact.

In the call

When a call is being made, it is possible to switch between the hands-free and the telephone handset, but also it is possible to transfer the call to an accessory that is linked by Bluetooth and have that function. In the image below these lines you can see how the call could be transferred to a TicWatch, a smart watch that has a microphone and speaker.


In that same interface it is possible to switch from a call to a video call, using Google Meet, formerly known as Google Duo, we do have that application installed and the interlocutor as well. It’s as simple as clicking on the More option and then pressing the video call button. Finally, It is also possible to open the keyboard to interact with the options of automated call receiving systems, which ask that numbers be pressed to redirect the call to one department or another. In the image above a call appears to the telephone service of an operator, where that keyboard is essential.

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