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French NGO denounces Apple for making repairs difficult by unauthorized dealers

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One NGO french call Halte à l’Obsolescense Programée denounced the apple for a matter involving the repair of Company devices. At first, the apple makes it difficult to change parts in assistance that are not authorized. Thus, the non-governmental organization filed a complaint against this situation.

This is because she believes that this practice limits the repairability of devices through stores. In this sense, it issued a statement exposing the situation of items from the manufacturer that did not work even after repairs were made with replacement of original parts, but without authorization via software.

In case you didn’t know, the components of Apple devices go through a procedure called pairing. In other words, the parts that come standard with smartphones, tablets, and other products have serial numbers that are associated with the devices.

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To fix one of these items, then, the part must be associated with the device, be it a iPhone iPad or mac If this is not done, it is likely that the product will not work or will continue to issue messages with warnings that the component is not original.

Because of this, HOP accuses Apple of violating repair rights, in addition to actions that negatively impact the environment. Likewise, this attitude by apple reduces the possibility of buying and selling refurbished devices. It is worth remembering that this is the same NGO that made the company pay 25 million euros in 2020. The reason for this was because the Cupertino giant did not warn customers that the speed of iPhones may be reduced with software updates. In 2019, Apple was denounced by Spotify for anticompetitive practices, which led to another lawsuit, this time filed by Mercado Livre recently, against the company.

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