Free coupon: get 5 euros discount to buy at Miravia

free coupon: get 5 euros discount to buy at miravia
free coupon: get 5 euros discount to buy at miravia

Did you have any Miravia items that you were waiting to buy when they were at a good price? The moment has come! The well-known online store offers its customers a free coupon of 5 euros which can be used in a simple way, so you will not have to meet complicated conditions. If you feel like renewing your wardrobe or treating yourself, the coupon is available with a validity of 30 days.

There are few better times of the year than this to have a juicy coupon like the one offered by Miravia, since with the change in temperature we also want to renew our clothes. This Alibaba group store is becoming more and more famous among Spaniards and the availability of discounts has made it one of the best options to buy clothes online. To the coupon of 5 euros that is offered at the moment other advantages are also added with which your order will reduce its cost. Keep reading and we will explain how to apply all these opportunities so that your purchase can be a little cheaper.

How to get the discount coupon

Enter the Miravia website, identify yourself with your user account (or do it later, as suits you best) and click on the button where it says “I want it!” on the main screen in the left column. The promotional feature of the coupon is not very large, so make sure you search exactly what we show you in this screenshot:

When you click on “I want it!” it will be applied to your account and so you will know that, in the order you make, it will be applied and you will save money that always goes well. However, keep in mind that the use of the coupon has some requirements and rules that you must take into account. For example, you have to meet a minimum order of 25 euros. That means that, thanks to the discount, the purchase will be very cheap without having to spend much. But then, as we said, we will explain other ways in which you can also save, so don’t worry, because it is very possible that you will pay even less.

One of the things that you should remember is that if you make an order with different items, regardless of whether they correspond to a single section of the web or several, you will not be able to benefit from the use of the coupon again except in the situation in which you have canceled the full order. That is, let’s say you place an order for 3 dresses and apply the coupon. But when the order arrives, one of the dresses does not convince you. You might think that, since that dress is the most expensive of the three, for example, you would be entitled to use the coupon again if you return that model and keep the other two party dresses. But, in reality, you will not have the right. If you like use the same coupon of 5 euros again you will have to cancel and return the entire order. From that moment and the store confirms the return, you will have the right to use the coupon again to make another purchase.

On the other hand, the coupon only applies to the items that apply, since there may be some rare case that is left out of the offer (although it does not seem), and cannot be exchanged for cash or be transferable. In any case, take a look at all the requirements and regulations that you can see by clicking on “T&C” just below the coupon image on the Miravia website. You can apply the coupon no matter what device you are using for access, whether it is a computer, iOS or Android mobile.

What other discounts are available?

As we told you, this is a very interesting time to buy in Miravia, since the online store dedicated to beauty and health, fashion or home and garden, has other active promotions. Not all of them are cumulative with each other, but there are some cases that you can perfectly combine with the 5-euro discount. First of all, take a good look at their product categories, because there are many promotions and sales on all kinds of items, in some cases with good opportunities, such as XTI women’s shoes.

In addition to this, if this is your first order on the web you will have the possibility of enjoying a 25% discount making the purchase directly from the mobile app. And if you are worried about the shipping costs, do not worry, because from an order of 10 euros you can have them for free. The only thing you have to do is make sure that the products you buy fall within the free shipping category, being those in which “applicable free shipping” is marked with a green sign.

On the other hand, if you regret the order or there is something wrong with it, you have the possibility of returning it free of charge as long as you do it within a period of 30 days. Taking all this into account, it is very obvious that this is a very good way to take advantage of the 5 euros discount. Now we leave you so you can choose with which items to use the discount. We heard that there are some nice looking summer dresses!


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