Foxconn pays some workers to leave and stop riots: who makes iPhones?


Foxconn tries to address the intense protests of the workers of the huge Zhengzhou plant. According to what is reported by the Nikkei AsiaApple’s main iPhone assembly partner reportedly offered to recently hired malcontents 10,000 yuan, just over 1,300 euros, to leave the factory and return home. Foxconn thus hopes to calm the unrest and return to producing the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max as soon as possible.

The revolt that started on Chinese evening on Tuesday was forcibly sedated by the police in riot gear and left marks, both with batons on workers and factory facilities, with doors, windows and cameras destroyed. The situation remains complicated for Apple, intent on seeking solutions to the unavailability of the most expensive iPhones in the most prosperous period of the year for consumer electronics.


Foxconn’s initiative, “I’ll pay you and go away”, it may also serve to restore calm within the gates of the factory of 200,000 workers, but then it will have to rapidly replace the lacking workforce. And the attention on the protests and the reasons that generated them are not a good calling card for those who, with different premises, would also have been attracted by the prospect of working for the Foxconn Apple duo.

According to the Nikkei, the authorities of Henan province of which Zhengzhou is a part they would be urging each village to propose one employee each, given the importance of the Foxconn factory for the area’s economy. The Taiwanese giant explained in a note that the delay in paying the bonus for new hires – as well as the fuse that lit the riots of the last few hours – would have been caused by a technical problem:

We fully understand the concerns of some new hires in Zhengzhou Park regarding any changes in the subsidy policy… We apologize for the input error in the computer system and assure that the actual salary is the same as agreed and on the official recruitment posters .

Those who accepted the 10,000 yuan to leave the factory say that 8,000 arrived at the signing, the other 2,000 as soon as they boarded the bus to return home. A Foxconn employee, indeed a former employee, had her say enthusiasm on Douyin, the Chinese twin of TikTok:

I was in quarantine waiting to start work on the production line, so I haven’t worked a single day. Earning 10,000 yuan was surprisingly easy.

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