Four important novelties arrive on YouTube

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YouTube has included several new features in its player. One of them is a function designed toto help your users identify the most popular parts of the video that they are seeing

YouTube enables a graphic in its player that allows its users to know which is the most popular fragment of the video

The company has added a graphic to the player that allows users to easily locate the fragments of the video that accumulate the most reproductions. It is an especially useful tool for long videos or for those that have been divided into several chapters.

Until now, this feature was available as a YouTube Premium experiment for subscribers only. From now on it will be accessible to all platform users, either Premium or free. This tool can be used both from the desktop or mobile version, and the same from iOS and Android.

Until now, video creators on YouTube could segment their content to allow users to choose which part they wanted to access. This new graphic will allow the process to be much faster, and that the viewers directly access the part of the video that interests them.

YouTube snippet videos come to smart TVs

In addition to this commented novelty, YouTube has announced that it will implement the possibility of watching a video by fragments or chapters on smart televisions and video game consoles. This function, presented in June 2020, was until now only available for computers and mobile phones.

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YouTube has included other new features in its player. One of them is a function called Single Loop, with which users can play in a loop infinity a specific video. This tool is accessed from the same menu that is used to adjust the quality of the video or to activate the subtitles.

Lastly, in full screen mode a panel with information about the video: description of the same, chapters in which it is divided and comments. This screen will be accessed through a button located on the playbar, such as Like, Dislike, Share or Comment.