Fortnite will return to the iPhone and iPad thanks to Nvidia GeForce NOW

fortnite nvidia iphone.jpg
fortnite nvidia iphone.jpg

The court battle between Epic Games and Apple is not over yet. At the moment the company led by Tim Cook does not allow the return of Fortnite to the App Store, however Epic Games have found a way to return to Apple’s portable device par excellence, the iPhone. They do through the Nvidia GeForce NOW service. Something is something but it is not a definitive solution.

Nvidia GeForce NOW opens hope to Fortnite fans for their return to Apple

Although the pitched battle, I say judicial between the two companies, on the one hand the person in charge and creator of Fortnite and on the other hand Apple, continues from strength to strength, an intermediate solution has been found for Fortnite fans can play it again on the iPhone. It is not done through the App Store if not through Nvidia GeForce NOW.

Let’s make the context very clear. Nvidia in November 2020 introduced the Safari integration, allowing the GeForce NOW game library to be played on iOS devices. At that moment, Nvidia said it was working with Epic Games on a touch version of Fortnite that would run on the iPhone and iPad. That moment is about to come because it is almost ready for launch. Nvidia announced the upcoming release of a limited-time closed beta of Fortnite, to which users they can register.

Those interested in participating they will need to create an Nvidia account and sign up for the waiting list, and wait to get a GeForce NOW membership. There are not many places to test the game, so if you want to be one or of them you must hurry and not think about it for long.

If you manage to be one of those selected for the Beta, you will receive access to the mobile game Fortnite at the end of January. When the tests are over, the definitive version will be released for all the public but. But nevertheless, it is not known when that moment will come. But we are certainly closer than a year ago.

The solution would be that judicially the conflicts ended and it would be good if everything were as before, but of course, surely those of Epic Games do not think the same.