Fortnite returns to iOS… via Xbox Cloud

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I know some people who are very, very fond of Fortnite. In my case, the truth is that it has never really tempted me. I tried it, years ago, both on PC and iPad, but after spending a while, maybe a total of two hours between both platforms, the mechanics of building between shooting and shooting seemed original to meyes, but not for me. So much so that when Epic Games, at the beginning of this last season, temporarily removed it, I was tempted to try it again. But he stayed there, in temptation, which soon went out like a candle when it runs out.

However, and although it is not my style of play, I have spent a few hours watching live Fortnite, and I can perfectly understand that there are so many people who like it, because the proposal is not only original, but also fun, full of rhythm and unique in each game. This is not exclusive to Fortnite, obviously, any multiplayer game has this virtue, but it is one more of the points in favor of the game.

So, having said that, I understand that for many players the decision of Apple and Google to remove Fortnite from their app stores it was a blow. Much less so for Android users, yes, since the operating system allows you to use other stores and download from other sources. In iOS and iPadOS, however, once the game was expelled from the Apple App Store, the possibility of playing it from their devices was prohibited. As you may recall, this led to last year’s high-profile lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple.

Fortnite returns to iOS... via Xbox Cloud

Since then, Apple’s position in this regard has been exhaustive, in Cupertino they completely refuse that the Epic game can return to the App Store, which until recently resulted in the inability to play Fortnite on iPhones and iPads. You may remember that, as a Christmas gift, Fortnite came to iOS through GeForce NOW, so that, finally, users regained the ability to enjoy the game on their Apple devices.

And now this solution is reinforced by the agreement signed between Microsoft and Epic Games, thanks to which liOS users will be able to play Fortnite through the Xbox Cloud, even if they don’t have an account on the service. That is to say, we are talking about a totally free option, and that undoubtedly responds to the good relationship between both companies in relation to the judicial journey of Epic Games against Apple.

Personally, I think that users, Fortnite players on iOS found themselves in the no man’s land that separated the trenches of both sides, without eating or drinking it, without having any responsibility for what was happening. Thus, any solution that allows them to recover what they lost seems to me to be excellent news.

Source: Yahoo! Finance

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