Forget Google Chrome: this browser just gave you the best reason to switch once and for all

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Firefox for Android has finally received extension support, just like the desktop version, with more than 450 extensions already supported.

2024 may be the year in which many users stop using Chrome. The Google browser will receive two controversial changes that may stop this browser from being the favorite of Internet users. A change that is not yet known if it will be for the better is the blocking of third-party cookies, which will be replaced by a new method that analyzes the pages we visit to show us advertising.

The other change, on the other hand, is clearer and has received more criticism from users: Chrome is going to end some of the most used extensions. The new extension support system greatly limits the capabilities of these small programs; to the point that some developers have already warned that their extensions will stop working completely.

While Google ‘betrays’ users and extension developers, one of its great competitors has seen the perfect opportunity to differentiate yourself and attract them to your browser. And we are not talking about someone new, but about a true veteran: Mozilla Firefox.

Extensions for Firefox on Android

Today, Mozilla announced the launch of extensions for the version of Firefox for Android; In this way, it manages to stand out a lot within the browser market, since Chrome for Android does not support extensions of any kind and as we have already said, its desktop version will soon limit them. On the other hand, Mozilla sees extensions as the best way to offer additional features without having to develop them on their own. Firefox for desktop already has thousands of extensions, and after months of development, they are now also available in the Android version.

Keep in mind that not all extensions are compatible with Firefox for Android; Due to differences in interface and platform, almost 500 extensions have been declared ‘compatible’ with this app. The good news is that there is a good variety of extensions of all types, and the number can increase as more developers create extensions adapted to mobile.

Extensions for Firefox on Android

Mozilla has opened a Firefox extensions page for Android. Installing them is as easy as entering that page using the Firefox browser on our Android mobile or tablet, and clicking on the install button; A pop-up window will appear listing the permissions the extension asks for and confirmation to install it.

Among the most popular extensions that are already compatible with this app are some that improve the YouTube web player with more options and better quality, others that add new navigation gestures to the browser, and several extensions that add dark mode to our pages favorites. There are also tools that will be useful for programmers or enthusiasts, such as extensions to capture the color of a page or to download an entire page.

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