Forget editing with Photoshop: This AI replaces the elements of a photo that easily

forget editing with photoshop this ai replaces the elements of.png
forget editing with photoshop this ai replaces the elements of.png

AI image change elements

There is no doubt that technology is advancing by leaps and bounds and now it is more fashionable than ever to make the most of the qualities of Artificial Intelligence based on new applications that allow us to save time when carrying out any task. In this case, a tool has just appeared capable of replacing any object in a photograph in a jiffy and in a very simple way. If you want to know the ins and outs of this application, keep reading.

Although Artificial Intelligence has landed just two years ago to guide users and see the capabilities it can offer, there is still a long way to go. However, it is surprising that there are already some applications that are quite useful for carrying out a job in no time. We have already seen this with the ChatGPT language model or with the Dall-E image creator, for example.

In the case at hand, the existence of an Artificial Intelligence that can eliminate an element from a photograph and change it for another has been discovered. with just a couple of steps that any user can do, completely omitting other types of more sophisticated programs, such as Photoshop.

Change elements of an image with AI

ReplaceAnything is a new Artificial Intelligence tool that has recently been put into circulation with the particularity that it can very quickly and easily change the elements of an image for others. For example, you have the possibility of being able to replace the clothes of one of the members of the photo with another and put them in a chef’s uniform or dress them like a Formula 1 driver or replace a cell phone that a person is holding with a bottle of water, etc. . The possibilities are endless.

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In addition, various elements can be cut out of an image and placed on other backgrounds created by the artificial tool itself. Some results are not very precise, but others can be quite a hit. The procedure is very simple:

  • Enter this link to create an image with new elements.
  • Select the image you want to modify.
  • Write to the AI ​​(in English) what you want to change.

And voila, you will have the result in the blink of an eye, and you can even save the image to your computer.

AI image replace elements

Is this type of AI safe?

It is clear that any Internet tool collects your data and it is not known for sure to what extent your privacy is safe. Likewise, AI is here to stay and can be used to do good or evil. Having this type of AI within reach can be an advantage for those who use it to carry out marketing campaigns with a good purpose, and on other occasions it can become a real gem for scammers, since you can barely differentiate what is real and what is false.

The only thing left for us is to create other Artificial Intelligences that are certain of Identify if an image is real or completely invented to avoid scares and scams that we should not believe, especially if we purchase a product in online stores.