Forget Bluetooth: now sending files via Quick Share is much more convenient

Google has started updating Nearby Share to make it compatible with Samsung’s protocol, and in the process has improved a key feature.

In recent weeks, Google has been presenting numerous new functions related to artificial intelligence, but also to the functions of Android as an operating system. One of the most important has been a profound renovation of Nearby Share, its alternative to Airdropwhich has gone very unnoticed in recent years, especially for being so useful.

This protocol I used bluetooth and Wifi to send files from one smartphone to another, much more conveniently and quickly than using Bluetooth connectivity. This function was not on Samsung phones, because the Korean company had its own version, called Quick Share, which served exactly the same purpose.

After longer than expected, Both versions of the same protocol have ended up converging into a single one, called like Samsung’s, Quick Share. Google announced this a few weeks ago and today was the day that this feature began to be updated on all compatible phones.

Faster than ever

One of the new features that comes today to Nearby Share (now QuickShare) users is a feature that was already available on Samsung phones, the be able to select a person in the sharing interface of this protocol.

Until now, Nearby Share users did not have the option to send a person directly from the share menu, and had to open the entire application interface, making the process much more tedious. With the change that is already beginning to spread (some devices may take a few hours or a few days to have it active) It is much faster to share something with a mobile phone that is within our reach.

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Quick Share interface with direct sharing option (Mac Studio)

This function comes standard on the Samsung Galaxy S24, but It is also coming to other Samsung modelswhich are integrated into the Nearby Share network of other brands, so files can be sent directly from the sharing interface.

In these first hours there seems to be certain issues between Nearby Share and Quick Share between Android devices and Windows computers. Remember that Nearby Share is available for Windows and Quick Share as well, but in the latter case only for Samsung computers. In the next few hours it is expected that both protocols will work together, and from that moment on everything will be used under the name Quick Share.