For this reason you should not unplug your OLED TV from the mains

For this reason you should not unplug your OLED TV from the mains
for this reason you should not unplug your oled tv

Although it is true that a few years ago having a OLED TV it was a luxury within the reach of very few, over time LG, the only supplier of this type of panel for Smart TV, has been lowering the price of this product, making us increasingly see cheaper models.

Taking into account the advantages offered by its organic light-emitting diode technology, with sharper and more vivid colors, pure blacks and perfect viewing angles, it is very likely that you have an OLED Smart TV. Then You should know that you should not unplug it from the power when you are not using it.

More than anything because any current OLED television, or one that has been on the market for a couple of years, automatically activates a function called compensation cycleand that it is a vital process to extend the useful life of the panel.

What is the compensation cycle for?

One of the problems with current OLED panels has to do with the blue diodes. Mainly because this element is the one that is most used to create color, causing its degradation to be greater. And from there The first OLED Smart TVs suffered from a serious problem of retention and burning.

OLED Smart TV with Google TV Google
OLED Smart TV with Google TV Google


This occurs when an image remains static on the screen for a long time. For example, when watching a generalist channel, it is normal for the channel’s logo to appear fixed. Then without the compensation cycle your TV would end up with a “fingerprint” of said logo.

Say that the compensation cycle is a process that is activated automatically when your Smart TV has been turned on for more than four hours. And what it does is it scans the panel for pixels that have deteriorated to compensate for degradation with different processing systems. With this, retentions and burns are avoided. The problem is that if the compensation cycle is not activated, your Smart TV is not protected against these visual aberrations.

We have told you before that the compensation cycle is activated automatically when you have been using your smart TV for four hours. Obviously, this mechanism will not be activated until you turn off the TV. The problem is that it is a process that lasts a few minutes, and if you disconnect the Smart TV from the power before it ends, you will not be protecting the screen as it should.

In this way, if you have become accustomed to disconnecting all the plugs in your home, if you have an OLED Smart TV, it is better that you leave it connected to avoid greater evils.

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