For the best AI from Google you will have to pay: Gemini Advanced arrives, the real competitor of ChatGPT

With some rumors that marked a subscription to make use of Google’s most powerful AI model, in the end it has ended up being a reality: Gemini Advanced is already among us. Run on the language model Gemini Ultra 1.0, is multimodal and is included in the Google One 2 TB plan with Gemini Advanced. At the moment it only works in English.

That Google let Open AI advance it in the field of Artificial Intelligence applied to final tools for users is a fact: from the GPT models to the well-known ChatGPT, Google’s competition is leading the way for Generative Artificial Intelligence. And of course, there had to be a revenge: Gemini is the one chosen by Google to fight against the GPT models. And it is a triple weapon that is already expanding throughout the world.

Gemini Ultra, the model on which Gemini Advanced is based, is now available to users

Gemini Advanced

Google divided the evolution of its language model from LaMDA and PaLM into three: Gemini, the name that the AI ​​bot itself has also ended up adopting (may Bard rest in peace), was divided into three to address different projects, all specialized.

Gemini Nano, the smallest, runs on the device and without the cloud: whether you are in the Google Pixel 8; Gemini Pro is for more complex interaction tools, something that Google Bard (now just Gemini) and Gemini Ultra, the most advanced model, were using. It has high understanding and generation capabilities with which to enhance complex tools. This is the one that comes with Gemini Advanced.

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Google has announced that Gemini Advanced reaches those users who wish to pay for its generation services. The tool, a ChatPGT Plus to use, offers interaction with the user, answers to the questions posed, can generate code, images, understands the environment that is presented to it and is able to maintain the thread without losing the initial premises. At least that is what Google promises, we will have to see if it is really an improvement over the Gemini Pro model that until now we were using with the now dead Google Bard.

Gemini Ultra 1.0, which is already included in the Gemini Advanced chatbot, is offered as an add-on to Google One plans. To access it you have to choose the 2 TB plan with Gemini Advanced, which costs 19.99 euros per month. In exchange for the benefits of Google storage, and the added tools of Google Photos, Subscription gives access to all interactions with Gemini Advanced. No limit, not like ChatGPT Plus ($20 per month just for the AI ​​service, limited to 40 interactions every three hours).

Gemini Advanced can be contracted from Spain along with the Google One 2 TB plan, although it still doesn’t work in spanish: to interact with him you must use English. The price of the entire pack is 24.99 euros. And it’s also included in the higher Google One plans.

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