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For software developers: Two webinars for good handling of data protection

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Two half-day online training courses impart the basic knowledge in a practical way so that developers can make data protection-friendly decisions right from the start.


A two-part webinar series for software developers on the subject of data protection, organized by the voonze Academy, will take place on October 20th and 27th. Using practical examples, it provides the basic knowledge to make data protection-friendly decisions right from the start and during operation.

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The offer is aimed at everyone who has to make decisions regarding data protection in the development cycle: software and system architects, developers, programmers, product managers, project managers, risk managers, software testers, requirements managers, scrum and other agile teams.

Why this webinar series? In a nutshell, there are fines and a loss of reputation if software violates privacy laws. The later in the development process data protection is taken into account, the more expensive and time-consuming the repairs are. The requirements of data protection are easy to implement if they are already taken into account in the architecture.

The first webinar is entitled “Data protection and software architecture”: Here participants learn

  • the basic principle of data protection
  • the distinction between data protection and IT security
  • the principles of “Privacy by Design”
  • the data types: personal, anonymous, pseudonymous
  • know privacy-friendly architectures
  • Pattern for implementing data protection
  • Principles of the GDPR and their impact on development

The second webinar deals with data protection implementation in detail. Be treated

  • Rights of victims and how to fulfill them without stress
  • what disturbs data protectionists about AWS, Azure & Co. and how to respond
  • minimal security measures
  • a confident handling of data breaches
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Finally, this webinar looks at developers as data subjects. It’s about data protection for employees and data protection in development tools.

The speaker at both webinars is Johannes Endres, consultant for data protection and information security at Althammer & Kill and former editor-in-chief of c’t and voonze online.

The webinar series, which can only be booked as a package, costs 299 euros (all prices including statutory VAT). Both webinars are also part of the Heise Academy subscription. For currently 495 euros, you get a flat rate with around 100 webinars per year, access to over 80 video courses on IT topics and a personal learning environment with many functions.

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