For certain transactions in Gmail email, an additional requirement for identity verification has been introduced

Changes have been made to the so-called “private actions” in Gmail, which represent a wide range of operations. If suspicious emails are found

Changes have been made to the so-called “private actions” in Gmail , representing a wide range of operations. If suspicious activity is detected in the email, users will be asked to verify their identity.

Google is introducing new security measures for Gmail designed to provide better protection.

Among these measures is the introduction of additional identity verification for certain actions in the mailbox. These new security measures may cause additional anxiety for users, especially for those who perform these actions frequently.

According to the Google blog, these changes are intended to improve overall security for users, however, some may consider these notifications redundant or even suspicious, which may cause further confusion.

Google divides Gmail’s “private activities” into several categories, each of which can be vulnerable to attackers and even criminals, compromising account security:

Filters: Create, edit or import new filters.
Forwarding: Add a new forwarding address through forwarding and POP/IMAP settings.
IMAP access: Activate IMAP access status from settings.
When any of these actions is triggered, users will be sent a verification check, typically including two-step authentication, such as approving a notification on a linked device or entering an SMS code.

If the user fails to pass the verification or does not complete it within the time limit, they will be sent a “Critical Security Notification” to their trusted device, which they can use to lock their account.

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