For all these reasons, Windows PCs are still better than Macs

The years go by and, although Macs are very attractive computers with powerful features, PCs equipped with Windows continue to be the most successful. Next, we review the main reasons that lead to it and therefore there are many people who have not decided to jump to Apple technology.

In recent months, Macs have had an injection of functions and uses that they are making them very tempting. But the change is difficult for me even having the incentive of having an iPhone as a mobile phone. The logic of combining iPhone and computer would be so overwhelming and would have so much value if it weren’t for the fact that there are still things that only Windows can offer me. So Apple, you have to keep waiting for me. Maybe in the future.


I am a man of customs. And also, in a way, I’m quite classical. I use some programs on my computer that no longer receive many updates, but are still part of my daily life. In some cases, they do not have a version available on Mac, so becomes a problem. Another important obstacle is that the installation process on Windows is quite simple, but on Mac there are different situations and complicated steps that you may encounter. The same thing happens when you want to uninstall something.

Taking into account that I am not a Windows user who uses the official Microsoft application store much, it is easy to understand that I am not an enthusiast of using the system used by Macs. I like it, if I change my computer to another computer with Windows, power have everything “to my liking” in a matter of half an hour or an hour. With a Mac, when I tried it, I ended up getting desperate because things didn’t go well the first time or I ran into obstacles along the way. The system is not as intuitive as Apple would like to imagine. Furthermore, the excessive control they have over the tools and functions ends up hindering you from using the computer as you want.

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Available options

For obvious reasons, the range of Mac computers available is very limited. The only equipment is manufactured by Apple itself and is part of its product series. There is no room for innovation or freshness. The Windows operating system and its flexibility with PCs allows manufacturers to create different teams and adapt to its use in different ways.

Over the years I have updated myself and, although I had my golden age with classic tower computers, today I use an HP Specter x360 laptop. Not only does it have a touch screen, which is great for different functions, like when you have to scroll while you’re on a website, but I can also play tricks with the position of the screen and use the laptop in different positions. At all times, the operating system responds wonderfully and adapts to my needs. Can I find something similar on Mac? The truth is that no, and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to be something that will change.

This is something quite incomprehensible, since Apple always tries to stand out for manufacturing elite, totally advanced and that respond to the needs of the users. But when it comes to their computers, they have passed up technology that many people use. I personally miss more variety and options among Macs, whose catalog makes me quite lazy.

Interface and file management

I’m not going to say that I’m in love with the way Windows provides these functions, but I do have to say that I prefer it to how it is represented on Macs. Possibly, if it were in my power would combine the best traits of the two operating systems to create an alternative interface. In the case of Windows, its design and organization chart has become very outdated and is not exactly user-friendly. Microsoft makes changes and, instead of improving it, makes everything too sanitized. In the case of Macs, it cannot be denied that it has aspects that help make everything a little more pleasant and simpler. But, at the same time, you encounter many limitations and problems that make the user experience not so intuitive.

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Windows File Explorer is still quite practical and has a large amount of information and quick access. What you don’t have access to, you can have it quickly as soon as you make a couple of clicks and customize the interface. The folder structure and how to move through the system ends up being child’s play, but perhaps Mac users who have been using Finder for decades may also have a similar opinion. In the end, possibly, this aspect is more a matter of habit and experience than of being able to choose an option as better or worse. In my case, as I mentioned, I would prefer a hybrid of both proposals.


Apple can try to make up for it, make collaborations and get the big developers in the video game world on its side, but all gaming lovers know that you need a computer with windows if you want to enjoy the best experiences. And this is something that cannot be disputed. The gaming environment on Mac has improved reasonably in recent years, but it is still light years away from what the experience of a computer with Microsoft’s operating system offers.

Nor should it be surprising considering that statistically, in the world, there are many more people with Windows than with Mac, which is why game developers release their titles on this platform. Playing on an Apple computer indicates not having as much catalog as would be desirable until you find serious limitations when it comes to customizing the experience and having to go through purchase and installation processes that, in some cases, are a bit heavy. I always supported the PC because it gave me physical support that, in other times, was essential. With the change to the digital format generation, the entry of Steam and so many other platforms, I continued on Windows because the technology provided is still superior. And I’m not willing to choose what I can play from a short list, but rather I want to have access to everything and then see if I play one title or another.

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Sometimes a platform like Windows can be a minefield. Everything flows so freely that, in the end, you end up stepping in a place where you should not have. I am aware of it. I have had moments of malware and other infections that have made me scream. I have sometimes hated Windows. But it would be strange if I didn’t say it, because all Windows users have hated Windows at some point (and more than once). However, in the end, it is something you are willing to face in exchange for having the freedom that an operating system like this provides where you end up having the final decision.

The contrast is Macs, where, at all times, you get the impression of be inside a prison. A prison that is beautiful, cozy and where you feel like taking selfies, why are we going to fool ourselves. The operating system is so well designed that everything fits together with incredible precision that leaves nothing to chance. But that also means that the experience is more limited. And in the end, when you are in front of your computer, the last thing you want is to have limitations or feel that there is something around you that dictates the way you should use your equipment.

Therefore, although I would like to make the jump to Macs and that my iPhone was in good company, the reality is that I highly doubt that I am going to do it or use an alternative. At this point, I will follow through the thick and thin with Windows.