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For many years, Internet users have been using programs based on P2P networks to share files. The old Ares, Emule or Limewire were just that and represented a very simple mechanism to obtain all kinds of material. In that sense, today we want to present you a solution that is based on the same principle, but to share software on Windows and Linux.

The application is called fopnu and when you install it you will be able to share software from your PC, allowing it to be downloaded through a couple of mechanisms.

How to share software from Windows?

Especially those who are dedicated to the area of ​​user and software support, need to always have their installers at hand. In the organizational field, it is very common that there are servers available with all the programs we need. However, if you work on your own you will have to occupy some storage in the cloud or instead, an application like Fopnu. The idea with this program is that you make available a folder with the software you need and it will be available on the P2P network.

This will allow you both to download the programs you need and also, that others can do it. It also has a search section where you can locate programs that you need and that other users have available. This is precisely the first method of sharing or downloading software in Windows.

The second way is by generating a link to the file and for this, it will be enough to right click from Fopnu and choose the option. This is great for when we need to send an installer to someone who doesn’t have the app. In that sense, if you need to always have your software folder at hand, this is a perfect alternative to achieve it.

For get It, follow this link.