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Footwear, hats and clothing: this is how Armando Manzanero became a registered fashion brand

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The name of Armando Manzanero not only transcended in the world of music, but also in the cultural industry and in the manufacture of clothing. And it is that as difficult as it may seem, the Mexican composer is a registered trademark.

According to a query in the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI), a dependency that has its database open to all public, on February 23, 2017, the application for the trademark was submitted, which subsequently has a validity of 10 years, that is, until 2027 the trademark would have to be renewed.

The concession date, according to IMPI reports, was June 19, 2017. Juan Pablo Manzanero, son of the author of “This afternoon I saw it rain”, appears as the owner of the registration that the IMPI marks as regulatory.

“CLOTHING, FOOTWEAR, MIRROR ARTICLES”, read in the section on products and services.

On the night of December 28, the singer's ashes arrived in his native Mérida, in Yucatán (Photo: EUROPA PRESS REPORTAJES)

“By means of the present and by thus agreeing to my interests, I grant my consent to my son, Juan Pablo Manzanero Blum, that in his name I register the brands ‘Manzanero’ and ‘Armando Manzanero’, both in classes 25 and 41, as well as those that in the future of the protection of this H. Authority, leaving him as the sole owner of said marks “, It reads in a document signed by the late composer on February 10, 2017.

One particularity that draws attention is that, in addition to the fact that Manzanero is present in clothing, his name was also registered in the educational sector and in entertainment services, sports and cultural activities.

The night of this December 28 the ashes of the singer arrived in his native Mérida, in Yucatán. His wife and daughter carried the remains of the artist with her and told the media that the singer did not want great tributes for his departure.

Manzanero’s last public appearance was on December 11 in his beloved Mérida, capital of Yucatán, where he inaugurated the Casa Manzanero Museum.

Manzanero's last public appearance was on December 11 in his beloved Mérida (Photo: REUTERS / Ginnette Riquelme)

A brand is any visible sign that distinguishes products or services from others of the same kind or class in the market. Its exclusive use is obtained through its registration with the Mexican Institute of Industrial Property (IMPI).

The IMPI statutes indicate that “For a trademark to be registered it should not be similar to another, so before submitting a registration application it is recommended to do a search in the External Consultation Service on Trademark Information, MARCANET, an electronic tool, so that in real time and at no cost, consult the trademark files that the IMPI Divisional Trademark Office has ”.

One of the characteristics of the trademark registration is territoriality; that is, it is protected in the country where it was requested and registered.


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