Five settings I always configure on my family’s Android TV when I visit

five settings i always configure on my familys android tv.webp.webp.webp
five settings i always configure on my familys android tv.webp.webp.webp

I can’t shake off the reputation of being “the one with mobile phones”, the one who everyone asks for advice whenever they want. buy a new smartphone. And of course, in the end The requests are drifting towards any piece of technology; Whether it’s a computer or a TV. With the rise of smart TVs There is almost one in every dining room. And after resolving doubts with the telephones, after configure the router and clean the PC of junksomething that I usually do every time I visit my relatives, I have to adjust the Android TV on the TV.

It is not that a TV with the Google operating system is too complex to configure, which even the guided start allows you to have Android TV active in less than five minutes. Now, have it well adjusted, agile and fast involves a little work from time to time. So, when I am in front of a TV that is not mine, I usually put my knowledge into improving playback, access to DTT or to expand the system’s possibilities. It is a very grateful process.

With a little maintenance, your Android TV will be very happy

Android TV

Once it is configured on the TV or the player, Android TV does not involve more complexity than turning it on, navigating the grid whether or not it is Google TV, and starting the corresponding application. Navigation with the controller is very well adapted to the interface. And it’s not that it hides too many settings, even the system menu is really simple.

Despite the simplicity of Android TV, there are a good number of tricks, processes and adjustments that can be made to it. These are all the ones I usually apply when someone asks me to service their TV.

First thing: goodbye to apps that are not used

Clean Android TV

Android TV is nothing more than a “normal” Android with the interface adapted to the television and the remote control. The rest is exactly the same, you can even install mobile applications on the television; although that does not imply that they work correctly, of course. Given this parallelism, many of the actions that can be done to a mobile phone to make it work better are also suitable for an Android TV. And the first step is always to clean up superfluous applications.

The first thing I do is access the apps grid, hold down on the ones I no longer use (after asking) and delete them from “See details.” Without contemplations.

After finishing the apps that can be deleted from the TV interface, I go to the settings and delete or disable the system ones. This is more delicate, since there is always a risk of ending something important (and Android TV usually includes less bloatware), but It is an important step to improve television. Just go to all the applications and click on “Show system”. I navigate one by one, disabling the unnecessary ones and that’s it.

Remove animations

Clean Android TV

Most Android TV is usually limited to memory and processor, so any small gesture in speed tends to speed up the experience. And eliminating transition animations is a good trick to make the TV go faster.

For this step you must carry out the following process:

  • Enter the settings and go to “System”.
  • Go to “About” and scroll down to “Android TV OS Build”.
  • Press several times until you see the developer settings activated.
  • Go back to the system menu and enter the new “Developer Options”.
  • Scroll down to the three animation scales and disable each one.

With this small process the TV will have given a boost in speed. More visible than real, because the execution of applications will not have changed. Just opening the apps and jumping between menus or starting Android TV.

Take advantage of the buttons on the controller that are not used

Button Mapper Android TV

That they are not subscribed to Netflix and they have that button that they cannot take advantage of? You can reprogram it so that they launch those services that they do use. Or any other application, Button Mapper is an app that I always recommend for Android TV.

Just search for the application on the TV’s Google Play or with install it remotely from a mobile connected to Android account. Once Button Mapper is downloaded, you must carry out the following process:

  • Access your TV’s settings and enter “Accessibility.”
  • Activate the “Button Reconfiguration” option.
  • Open Button Mapper on your Android TV and activate the accessibility service for the app.
  • Return to the app menu and click on “Add buttons”.
  • Click on the “+” and then on the Netflix button on your remote control. Or any other button you want to reprogram.
  • Once you have the button created, click on it to configure it.
  • Check the “Customize” switch, go to “Actions” after entering the 1-touch menu and choose the application you want to open with the button on the controller.

A direct access to the TV remote control on your mobile

Direct access to Android TV remote

Not all owners of a TV with Android TV know that they can control it from their mobile phone, so I always show the option for those moments when the remote is lost on the couch. Not only that: with a shortcut on the desktop there will be no question of who gets the command (what to see is another topic).

To create that convenient shortcut you need to do the following process:

  • Make sure that the mobile phones that are going to use the TV are synchronized with the Android TV.
  • Install Activity Launcher, an activity manager that It’s on Google Play.
  • Open the Google TV app and search for the activity “”.
  • Press and hold on said activity until the pop-up menu appears.
  • Select “Create shortcut” and you will have a super-fast way to open the Android TV remote on your mobile.

Clear the cache of YouTube and other apps

Clear Android TV cache

It’s not that Android TV has too many problems when it comes to cache. But, as they tend to be devices with limited storage, YouTube and other streaming apps reserve a significant amount of cache space. ends up resulting in future memory problems.

I usually look at the cache of Android TV apps to clear it in case it’s too much; although only in apps like YouTube and similar, which are the ones that are used the most and those that end up reserving the gigs. The process is the following:

  • Enter the settings of your Android TV and go to the applications.
  • Search YouTube and enter the menu.
  • Scroll down to “Clear cache” and confirm.
  • Carry out the process with other applications, such as Netflix, Disney+ and similar.

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