Five cybercrime practices that can grow with artificial intelligence

Five cybercrime practices that can grow with artificial intelligence
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The artificial intelligence It is the central theme of technology today, its benefits have already been demonstrated, but there are still issues to be resolved, especially given the scope that this tool can have in the hands of cybercriminals.

Being a technology with very broad capabilities to create images, videos, music, voices and text, attackers have advantages that they did not have before to make their deceptions even more precise and achieve what they are looking for.

Additionally, machine learning allows malware to improve over time and adapt to solutions that seek to stop it. A panorama that in the midst of the growth of AI must be kept in mind, according to five risks highlighted by the How to Geek page.

improved phishing

This is the most frequent tactic of the cybercriminals, which consists of deceiving the user by posing as someone or a real entity. Normally, the methods they use are emails, social networks and calls and in all the AI ​​can be of help.

Currently, there are tools to create human voices with this technology and also generate texts in seconds. What could be used to optimize times and be more precise with attacks on individuals, which would be a differential point to what happens today.

An example is writing an email to someone and making it look like it was sent by their boss, asking for some money or access to a platform. A panorama that can be applied to calls or chats on social networks.

Criminals can take advantage of the facilities of this tool to deceive users.

Criminals can take advantage of the facilities of this tool to deceive users.

Machine learning malware

One of the key points of artificial intelligence is its ability to adapt to the data it takes from external databases and to those provided by a user while using it.

Variables that can be used for a malicious file to learn to solve the barriers created by security systems. Something that can also be used by anti-malware software and an agile staggering is generated in this sector.

Social engineering

This is closely related to the first point, since it consists of deceiving the user by taking advantage of psychological weaknesses or attacking certain human behaviors, such as information gaps, such as calls indicating that a family member is in danger, but never revealing the name until the victim says so.

To enhance these tactics, criminals can take advantage of tools that take a recording of someone’s voice and with that information they can create replicas of other audio saying different things. So a previous call would be enough to take the voice and then generate a recording in real time, with a predetermined text, to deceive someone.

Criminals can take advantage of the facilities of this tool to deceive users.

Criminals can take advantage of the facilities of this tool to deceive users.

Discover vulnerabilities automatically

It takes two to three hours for a person to traverse lines of code looking for vulnerabilities, either for something positive or negative. But the AI ​​is able to do this out of the box.

Text generators have also been used to create malicious codesjust by giving you the right instructions, which saves a lot of labor time.

false data

This is a union of several factors. On the one hand, tools that help create profiles on social networks with ease, because images with human faces, photographs, videos and key text are generated for someone to impersonate a real account.

This allows having a large number of fake profiles to deceive others or generate disinformation with bots that have credible characteristics, because they can establish conversations between themselves and inflate a topic for malicious targets.

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