Five apps for Android Auto that are so good it’s hard to believe they’re free

five apps for android auto that are so good its.webp.webp.webp
five apps for android auto that are so good its.webp.webp.webp

I admit that it is difficult for me to pay for applications and if there is something that makes me even more lazy, it is subscriptions. Furthermore, experience has shown me something: There are incredibly good free apps which make it very difficult to open the wallet. Although ob

I have been testing compatible applications for Android Auto for a year and it is clear to me that these apps have become essential in my car for everything they offer without spending a single euro.


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As a person who doesn’t pay for Spotify or Amazon Prime Music, ViMusic has become my go-to app for listening to music. Please note that it is not installed in the traditional way, but rather we will have to download it from the developer’s GitHub and follow these instructions.

ViMusic is essentially a complete Open Source Youtube player which offers a fluid, minimalist and distraction-free experience, perfectly adapted to Coolwalk. The only thing to keep in mind before leaving


Waze Android Tricks

Waze needs few introductions, the “brother” of Google Maps and on a personal note, which for me is globally the best free GPS navigator for car and for Android Auto.

The key is on the one hand that it belongs to Google, which gives it a huge amount of information or its very complete maps (and also the aggressive data policy of the Mountain View company) and on the other hand a very active community which in a matter of minutes updates the application with live incidents on the road. The icing on the cake is its interface: casual and intuitive, so you don’t get lost even if reading maps is not your thing.


Avoid traffic and dangers

TomTom AmiGo

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A few years ago there were no free navigators on mobile phones, but instead you had to resort to specific devices with maps that you had to buy or subscribe to. At that time TomTom was the king, but now the free application version (there is another paid one) has been adapted to offer all your experience at zero cost.

TomTom AmiGo is so good that it has little to envy of Waze or Google Maps. Its great assets are its clear interface where only what is truly important appears, complete maps and very careful radar coverage with different forms of warning so that you don’t miss them.

What differentiates it from the paid version? That it has ads and that you cannot download maps to use them offline. If that’s not a problem for you, it’s well worth it.

TomTom AmiGo

Free GPS navigator without ads

Fixed and Mobile Radars

Both Waze and TomTom AmiGo show fixed and mobile radars, but if you look for a more specific application you will discover that there are quite a few in the Google Play Store… but for a fee. If you want something free, Fixed and Mobile Radars has ads but they don’t bother you too much (the typical Google Ads banner at the bottom) and if they do, you always have the option of paying the 3.99 euros in a single pay.

Highlights of this application, which shows fixed, mobile, section radars and traffic lights with speed control with enough precision and exhaustiveness, since the community also contributes. Even before following a route, you can see what radars it has. And a good trick: if the interface doesn’t convince you, you can leave it in the background and use another browser to guide you.


Fixed and Mobile Radars

Radar detector

Weather & Radar

Image 2380

Until Google makes improvements to how it displays the weather on Android Auto and keeping in mind that finding compatible weather apps is Rare avisWeather & Radar a real gem to know the weather report en route.

I like how visual this application is thanks to its spectacular and colorful interfaceits ease of use, the chromatic guide to understand instantly, which provides the forecast regarding temperatures and meteorological milestones, the visualization of geographical features and its adaptation to Coolwalk.

Weather & Radar

Your time at a glance! The Weather & Radar application offers you the 90-minute, hourly forecast, the weather today and tomorrow, 7 and 14 days in Spain and any location in the world

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