First real image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and yes, there is great news

First real image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and yes, there is great news
first real image of the samsung galaxy z fold5 and

First real image of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 and yes, there is great news

Not long ago some pictures of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5, but these were a leak and did not appear to come from an official source. Well, one has been published that appears to be from the Korean company’s advertising material and shows this folding phone in all its splendor.

Obviously, there is no official confirmation in this regard, but everything indicates that the photo is real and that the design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 has been completely exposed before its presentation, which will be in July of this year.

This will be the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

The image allows you to view the terminal from practically all the angles necessary to know exactly what it will look like. Thus, for example, the folding will have important changes in the design. An example of what we say is that it will offer a hinge with a more modern look. Thanks to the evolution of this component that is aesthetically called “drop of water”, now the equipment when it is open will look completely flat. This has a great advantage: it reduces the crease on the screen and improves it.

Possible design of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5

Apart from some changes to the sides and edges (and with an expected reduction in the dimensions that the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 will have compared to the model it replaces on the market) aesthetically this phone with a folding screen is quite continuous in the aesthetic section. Of course, there is a small difference in LED location in the rear camera: this has moved from the bottom to the side.

Exclusive!Size contrast Fold5 Fold4 gap 长 154.9mm 155.1mm 0.2mm宽 129.9mm 130.1mm 0.2mm厚 6.1mm 6.3mm 0.2mm合上宽 67.1mm 67.1mm 0 mm合上厚:13.4mm 14.2~15.8mm 0.8-2.4 mm重量: 254g 263g 9g

— ICE UNIVERSE (@UniverseIce) April 25, 2023

Some things that seem very clear in this terminal

The device is expected to arrive with Qualcomm’s most powerful processor (with some variations typical of the Korean company) and, in addition, to offer minor changes in what has to do with connectivity and elements such as the fingerprint reader. But maybe the major enhancements are included in the built-in displaywhich some sources indicate may undergo significant evolution.

Although there are some leaked specifications, the ideal is to wait for the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5 to be officially presented, something that will happen next month, as confirmed by the Korean company itself. Of course, it is more than clear that this must make an important bet, since the market has more and more competitors with arrivals such as Google and the one that will be known shortly from OnePlus.


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