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First details of the OPPO Find N3, which seeks to end the reign of Samsung

First details of the OPPO Find N3, which seeks to end the reign of Samsung
first details of the oppo find n3, which seeks to

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The machinery of OPPO It is perfectly oiled to constantly launch new terminals, and it seems that the firm already has advanced plans for its next terminal with a folding screen. We are referring to the Flip N3, which will be a direct competitor to Samsung’s book-fold model (the Galaxy Z Fold).

Some of the most important details that this smartphone will have when it hits the market have been revealed, and things are looking really good and it shows that OPPO is clear that it is firmly committed to folding. An example of what we say is that the terminal will have a processor Snapdragon 8 Gen 2, so it could be one of the first to mount this component that will be the most powerful thing on the market at the time of its launch. Furthermore, everything indicates that the RAM would be 12 or 16GBso we talk about a bell hardware.

On the other hand, the charge of the battery integrated by OPPO will be of 4,805mAh, which means that it would be close to those that offer the best devices in this section on the market. The number of cells it will use is not known, something important for integration reasons, but it does seem completely certain that the charging power will be 60W or higher.

Great advances in the OPPO folding camera

Here it seems that he intends to put pressure on the Asian company in a very important way, since according to the data that has been known, what is expected to be included in the main camera is a set of sensors of 50 + 48 + 32 megapixels. The first will be a Sony IMX890 with optical stabilization, while the second would be an IMX581 and the third a L07D1W22, which would serve as a telephoto lens. The fact is that the quality will be very high, possibly the best among the folding ones.

OPPO Find N2 colors

There are also some details of the main screen, which would reach the eight inches open. Its resolution would be 2,268 x 2,440 pixels, and it would not lack a frequency of 120Hz. That is to say, that the quality will be good, something in which its brightness will also help a lot. will exceed 1,000 nitsfor example.

The price does not aim to be low…

With what has been indicated, and taking into account that it is thought that the design of this OPPO Flip N3 seems to have improvements both in thickness and in the manufacturing materials used, everything suggests that the team will exceed 1,500 euros. Nothing surprising in a high-end folding terminal. But, in this case, its quality in key sections is more than enough reason for this to be the case.