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First dedicated Apple Watch Ultra apps on the App Store

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With the “Siren” and “Depth” applications, Apple is preparing for the appearance of the Apple Watch Ultra on Friday. They serve special functions.


The Apple Watch Ultra will be launched on Friday – including a new size (49 mm) and a new form factor that visibly stands out from all other previous watch models. For the first time there are also special apps that only run on the Ultra. Two of them have now appeared in the Watch App Store (WAS). They cover new functions of the computer clock.

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The new programs are called siren (“Siren”) and Depth (“Depth”); in the WAS only English variants can be found at the moment. It is unclear whether the apps are pre-installed on the Ultra or whether users have to download them manually. Since individual Apple applications can now be removed from the clock (as with the iPhone), the entries could also be used to reload after uninstallation.

The Siren app allows you to trigger the siren function built into the Apple Watch Ultra. With this you should be able to be heard several hundred meters away in order to attract help in the event of an accident. According to Apple, there are 86 dB, which should be noticeable at a distance of up to 180 meters. Apple plays a certain “melody” including an SOS Morse signal. A display of the battery life is integrated, as the siren can also be activated over a longer period of time; a slider for activating an emergency call is also integrated.

The second app revolves around using the Ultra as a diving watch. With Depth you can display how long and how deep you were under water. This works up to 40 meters below the water surface. Excitingly, the watch itself recognizes when you dive in and then automatically starts a time measurement. The deepest dive into the water is also saved. Very useful: the Apple Watch Ultra also has a water temperature sensor. This is also permanently displayed in the Depth display.

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As mentioned, the Apple Watch Ultra will be released on Friday, October 23rd. Users have already received the first premature orders. The computer watch costs 1000 euros in Europe (US price: 800 US dollars without tax) and replaces the Apple Watch Edition in the group’s lineup. Apple Watch Series 8 and SE 2 are already commercially available; they differ significantly less from their predecessors.

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