First contact with the Amazfit Active: the ultralight watch with great design and with AI as a trainer


Amazfit Active, an elegant, lightweight and feature-packed smartwatch

The new smartwatch presented in Spain proposes some interesting aspects to become the combination of elegance and health.

Amazfit is releasing some smart watches that are going very well in the Spanish market. In September he launched the Amazfit Balance worldwide and today in Madrid he showed the virtues and benefits of your new smartwatch, the Amazfit Active. It is the successor to the GTS 4 Mini and its great novelty is the ability to make and receive calls.

From today you can purchase the Amazfit Active in the colors Midnight Black and Petal Pink by 129.90 euros in the brand’s online store in Spain and in color Lavender Purple for 149.90 euros. There are three key aspects to better understand the new watch from the Chinese brand: ultralight and ultrathin, 14 days of autonomy and its 1.75-inch HD AMOLED screen.

They are its main values ​​to enter the Spanish market in which the various brands bid very strongly with watches of great capacity, design and those connections to mobile phones to take health measurement to almost the second. In this case, Amazfit has made a name for itself in these years that has been fighting against one of the brands par excellence for smartwatches: Garmin.

Amazfit Active

The Amazfit Active proposal is very interesting thanks to these three aspects. 24 grams of weight without strap and its 10.75 mm height They turn it into a watch that looks small on my arm. That is, it moves away from those larger smartwatches that, even in their thickness, can appear almost ‘floating’ on the wrist.

The AMOLED screen helps customize the dials and the one that comes from the base is the ultimate example of the good work of this brand. The time appears in a red font like those used on Casios from the 80s and is very curious because it shows the percentage of the battery between one of those lines that draw the time of day.

It is a very important detail for offer five watch faces by default. Of course, more can be downloaded from the ZEPP app and it should be mentioned that the ones that come preloaded are very elegant and precise in their information. It will depend on one’s taste to choose one or the other, but in this case Amazfit has always prided itself on designing spheres with very good finishes.

There are other aspects apart from the light weight and size, screen or autonomy. One of them is that unlike the GTS 4 Mini, its predecessor, the new Amazfit Active Yes, it allows Bluetooth calls.. Another of its data of interest is the presence of the Amazon Alexa assistant. In fact, the only physical button is configured so that with a long press you can invoke Alexa. Of course, the mobile phone must be connected via Bluetooth for it to work.

The Amazfit Active offers 127 sports modes (auto detects 7 sports), 5 ATM water resistance, precision GPS and the ability to transfer data to third-party apps such as Strava, Komoot, Relive, Adidas Runtastic, Google Fit and Apple Health. Provides detailed reports on training, load or overload and recovery time thanks to the algorithm Peak Beats.

Although it does not have an ECG (Electrocardiogram), the Amazfit Active presents a series of sensors to measure heart rate, stress, blood oxygen or sleep tracking. It provides a great extra to help you fall asleep, although it can only be used through the Amazfit subscription (15 days free are offered when you purchase this watch).

Amazfit Active

This is where that Zepp Aura subscription that uses the artificial intelligence based on data collected by the watch and thus offer recommendations. And it even offers a ChatGPT-type chatbot so that the AI ​​can give more extensive explanations with details. Now there is an offer for the annual Zepp Aura subscription for 29.99 euros or the monthly one for 9.99 euros without a discount.

Also relaxation tools included or receive more complete daily and weekly information than what is offered to the user every morning to show their physical and mental condition. A series of data analyzes are carried out such as stress, sleep, breathing quality during sleeping hours, temperature, heart rate and daily activity and are thus quickly summarized from different cards.

Regarding the specifications, the Amazfit Active does not have NFC, so it cannot be used for mobile payments; a point in which the Amazfit Balance presented in the month of September has stood out. It also does not offer the possibility of downloading maps to the phone as it does not have internal memory, although it does offer to share health data with third-party apps.

There are more interesting details about this watch. If it has already been mentioned that it weighs very little and its size is very small, the screen-to-body ratio is 73%. That is to say, even though it may be a smaller watch than is normal for smartwatches, it has not dispensed with using a screen of its size with very thin bezels.

Amazfit Active

Autonomy passes for 14 days of typical use, 30 days if battery saving mode is activated and 10 days of intensive use; The capacity is 300 mAh. If the GPS is already used actively, the autonomy remains at 16 hours. In relation to GPS; It uses five satellite positioning systems and its circularly polarized antenna offers exceptional accuracy.

Other details are its Bluetooth 5.2, tempered glass panel with anti-fingerprint coating, made of aluminum alloy plus plastic (stainless steel for the color model Lavender Purple) and its 250MB music storage.

It is a smart watch aimed at all audiences, but more specifically to women, especially because of what was mentioned about being ultralight and its small size. It is not so easy to find watches that weigh so little and do not look huge on certain wrists, so in this case it is recommended by EL ESPAÑOL – El Androide Libre to go to a shopping center to try it, since it is scary.

For the rest of its specifications and the experience that the brand has in Spain, it is one of the best purchases that can be made in this price range. If you want to take the experience to the maximum, the subscription is there for you. have a responsive AI like ChatGPToffers all kinds of recommendations and is even capable of improving sleep.

Amazfit Active

It also has some aspects that allow you to control the mobile phone to leave it stored so that its use can be avoided; at least only for important things like calls or notifications. We must also put emphasis on the ZEPP app that offers all kinds of graphs, results and allows customization some aspects of this watch.

In short, a recommended purchase with the Amazfit Active available for 129.90 euros in the Amazfit online store in Spain. Can miss ECG or mobile payments, but at this price it has everything you could need; And if not, you can also customize the experience to only receive notifications and leave the health measurement aside, or vice versa.

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