Firefox has no rival on Android, not even Chrome: it adds up to 450 new extensions

firefox has no rival on android not even chrome it.webp.webp.webp
firefox has no rival on android not even chrome it.webp.webp.webp

Although Google Chrome is the web browser chosen by the majority of users, there are other alternatives that are equally valid for Android, and even for Android TV. One of these is Firefox, the popular Mozilla browser which began its journey in computers almost 20 years ago.

Its adaptation for the Google operating system meets the expectations that we could place on it, and continues to be updated to improve the user experience. Last summer, we learned that it would fulfill the dream of many users: have extensions with which to expand its operation. That moment has arrived and with a larger number compared to what they said in November.

Hundreds of extensions now available in Firefox for Android

It was clear that Firefox was going to embrace new extensions, what we did not expect is the large number of them that reach the Android version. Mozilla has made it official through a post on its blog, becoming great news for all users looking for a mobile web browser with add-ons (extensions, plugins, addonsor whatever we want to call them).

Firefox Android Extensions

Mozilla image

It is also true that Chrome holds the crown of the most used browser, at least for the past year, but it still has a fairly significant deficiency. As you probably already know, it does not allow additions in the form of extensions, so we are left without interesting additions that allow us to improve the experience using it.

Firefox, on the other hand, with the latest update, has added more than 450 extensions that are already available to all users. We say all, because, contrary to what usually happens, they reach the stable branch directly. To take a look at them and later download them on our Android mobile, Mozilla has developed One page dedicated exclusively to extensions, giving us detailed information about them. We must access it from the browser itself, in order to install them more easily.

First of all, the company behind the popular browser recommends some newcomers, and just below, they leave us the complete list. We highlight some of those present, ranging from content blockers to tools that will increase our productivity.

Dark ReaderFor example, force dark mode on all websites, Without exceptions. Very useful if we read news in dark environments, such as in bed before going to sleep. On the other hand, Tomato Clockone of those recommended by the Firefox team, manages our time to be productive, suggesting breaks throughout the day.

Then there are others like SingleFile that is capable of save an entire website in HTML format, to consult it later offline. YouTubeUtils adds tools to the streaming service’s video player, such as the ability to change its size or more playback speeds.

Web Archives focuses on showing us archived and cached versions of websites, in order to access old versions that have changed. EITHER Search by Imagecapable of searching for images in different search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex or Baidu.

It is worth mentioning, to be more precise, that extensions are not in themselves a novelty. Firefox for Android has supported extensions for years, but in 2020 it underwent a complete redesign that eliminated this support. Until now, users using the stable version could not freely access the extension catalog, but the wait is over.

Now, once and for all, this alternative browser goes up a level with the addition we have talked about. Maybe this is the claim you need to gain new followers, although there is too strong a connection to Google’s solution. Be that as it may, do you use Firefox on your Android mobile? Were you looking forward to the arrival of the extensions? What are your favorites? We read you in comments.

More information | Mozilla

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