Firefox brings new options to manage bookmarks and browsing history


Mozilla Firefox is being updated to its version 114 with a series of interesting new features.

In addition to bug fixes and performance improvements, we’ll find new features that will make it easier to manage bookmarks and customize the way we want to save our browsing history.

New options to manage bookmarks and extensions

One of the novelties that comes with Firefox 114 has to do with bookmarks. You can now search for bookmarks from the Bookmarks menu. A menu that you can easily add to the toolbar.

So with just a few clicks you can access your bookmarks and find the one you need without going through one by one. And you will see another small change in the extensions that you have installed in the browser, since it is possible to reorder them from the dedicated panel.

Firefox allows you to restrict searches to local history

On the other hand, Mozilla is implementing changes in the way searches are saved in the browsing history.

Now it allows the user to restrict their searches so that they appear only in the local browsing history, and that it is not synchronized with the rest of the devices. That is, when Firefox syncs any bookmarks, settings, or history updates, it will skip the searches so they are only available on the current device.

It is a practical dynamic if we prefer to keep the searches that are carried out from our home computer out of the history of the device we use at work, or vice versa.

On the other hand, there are also specified updates for some operating systems. For example, Mac users using Firefox will find that they now have no limit on the resolutions in which they want to record from their cameras. So far, Firefox will only allow 1280 x 720, but now it has support for any supported resolution.

And the integration of Pocket in Firefox in Spain, Italy and France is improved, since now they will be able to see the recommended content. You will find all these new features in the latest version of Mozilla Firefox, so wait for the automatic update or update manually to have them available.

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