Firefox 114: the update is focused on security, discover all the new features

firefox 114 the update is focused on security discover all.jpg
firefox 114 the update is focused on security discover all.jpg

Mozilla has rolled out Firefox 114. Although this update does not introduce any major features, it does bring several notable improvements and fixes to improve users’ browsing experience.

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A few weeks after rolling out Firefox 113, Mozilla has just updated its internet browser to version 114. A notable addition is the new user interface (UI) that allows users to manage the DNS over HTTPS exception list.

While previous versions supported this privacy protection feature, Firefox 114 provides new settings in the Privacy and Security panel, making it easy to add sites to the exceptions list. This improvement gives users more control over their browsing preferences and improves their online privacy.

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Firefox wants to be more secure thanks to its version 114

Another significant improvement in Firefox 114 is Support for FIDO2/WebAuthn authenticators over USB on Windows, macOS and Linux. This feature allows users to use advanced authentication methods with compatible hardware. However, some features may require setting a PIN on the authenticator for added security. By adopting FIDO2/WebAuthn, Firefox improves security options for users across multiple platforms.

For users who have a large collection of bookmarks, Firefox 114 introduces the ability to search for bookmarks directly from the Bookmarks menu. By customizing their toolbar and adding the Bookmarks menu button, users can easily access this feature. It should be noted that this functionality simply launches a search in the URL/address bar, which already offered a bookmark search functionality. However, this addition provides a convenient shortcut in the browser interface.

Additionally, the update introduces the option to search browsing history by selecting the Search History feature from the History, Library, or Application menu buttons. This allows users to quickly find specific items in their local browsing history, directly from the URL/address bar.

Firefox 114 also allows users to reorder extensions listed in the extensions toolbar button menu. By right-clicking and selecting the “move up” or “move down” options, users can customize the order of their extensions according to their preferences, providing better control and greater personalization.

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