Find out what your official English level is, from A1 to C2, with this free website

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This free online service allows you to know what level of English you have, with two tests of 15 or 50 minutes, to choose from.


Spain has always been a country where knowing a second language was almost restricted to those who lived in areas with a second mother tongue, Galicia, Catalonia and the Basque Country. However, English proficiency is becoming more and more importantespecially with the rise of teleworking, and in recent years this has even permeated the educational system.

Despite that, it is very common that people who even defend themselves well in this language, don’t know exactly what level you have. Courses and exams can be taken, upon payment, to obtain a certification, but now also there are free options like the one proposed by EFSET.

Through a simple test lasting a few minutes, an estimate of your level of English will be obtained, according to the parameters of the CEFR framework, which establishes six levels according to the student’s knowledge, from A1 to C2. This platform offers different levels, but then equates them with that frame of reference, so that the user knows what official level they are at.

The two proposed tests are of different duration, which allows you to avoid having to take long exams. The 15-minute test offers a reading test of seven and a half minutes and a listening test of the same length. In total there are about 20 questions, although with the important handicap that there are no speaking tests, the most difficult part of any exam. Of course, the website has a section to evaluate our pronunciation.

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In the case of the 50-minute exam, the two blocks are divided into segments of 25 minutes each, with the same structure as the previous one. The interface is simple and easy to use on mobile, allowing you to listen to the audios up to two times. In addition, the website has a full screen mode that allows you to eliminate distractions, as well as a timer that indicates the remaining time.


In the test that I carried out to test the system, it worked quite well, although the biggest difficulty was not understanding what was said in the audios, but rather understanding why one of the four answers was correct. It is not always as logical as you would expect. Even so, We have tested how the level estimate is obtained.

The only thing to improve is in the process of obtaining the result, since it requires giving certain data to obtain it. It is understandable, and can be falsified, but it would have been better if it was something that was mentioned before starting the test. Finally, if you are preparing for the TOEFL, IELTS or Cambridge exams, the EF SET results are comparable to these other English tests.