Find out how much your mobile applications track you with Exodus Privacy, a privacy analyzer

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Find out how much your mobile applications track you with Exodus Privacy, a privacy analyzer

Each application on your mobile not only asks for permissions to function, it also uses tracking systems or ‘trackers’ to analyze how you use the app or to show you ads. And with Exodus Privacy you can know all the information that the applications hide: the app offers you a quick and easy way to know your level of privacy.

Exodus Privacy is a web service where the privacy of Android applications is tested by analyzing each app to discover the permissions it requests and also the tracking services (‘trackers’) that are integrated. Discovering all the information that mobile apps hide is possible if you go to their website and enter the name of the respective applications. Although there is a simple way: install the Exodus Privacy application. You will surely be surprised. And not for good.

Analyze the privacy of your mobile with Exodus Privacy

Exodus Privacy Privacy Android Applications

Exodus Privacy is a French non-profit organization that ensures the protection of the privacy of all of us who use technology. The organization offers a verification platform for Android applications with which to discover the permissions they request and also the ‘trackers’ integrated in the code. And, to make the process easier, an Android application is available so that discover everything your phone hides in a matter of seconds.

One of the drawbacks of the Exodus Privacy app for Android is that it does not perform a privacy analysis and trackers on the version of the installed apps since at all times contact their servers to display the information. This entails some outdating in unpopular apps; even if it continues to serve as a privacy preference, which is important. To find out at a glance whether an application respects privacy Exodus Privacy uses three colours in the icons: green (no risk), yellow (with reservations) and red (lack of privacy).

Exodus Privacy Privacy Android Applications AnTuTu is a sample of the privacy doubts that an application can arouse

The Exodus Privacy app checks all the applications installed on the phone to show the detailed list of permissions they request, it also connects to the organization’s database to download the ‘trackers’ integrated in the apps. The result is a list where you can check what applications have access to and with which services they exchange information without you knowing. For example, it is common for developers to integrate Google Analytics to know the use of their app, also Firebase if the app has been developed under the Google cloud platform. The problem comes when applications integrate more crowd of ‘trackers’ like Facebook or much more dubious services like Cheetah Mobile trackers.

The trackers or ‘trackers’ report the use you make of an application: when you open it, what you use most often and many other data

Carrying out an analysis of the phone with Exodus Privacy is a good practice since it reveals the little privacy offered by most of the applications we install. And it is convenient to uninstall those that abuse permits and trackers, especially if they do not provide us with a service that meets our needs.

Exodus Privacy Privacy Android Applications Games like Forgotten Anne include Facebook trackers even though they don’t offer login with the social network; ad tracker when they don’t show ads

You can download the Exodus Privacy app from the Google Play Store. It only serves as information since does not block trackers nor is it able to remove permissions. If you want to execute actions on your apps you will have to do it manually.

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