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Finally WhatsApp allows you to install third-party stickers

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The Facebook messaging application has many tools to express yourself in the best way through its chat. So much so that we can not only express ourselves through text messages, images or videos, but we also include more striking content, such as emojis or animated GIFs. Although one of the most popular content in messaging applications is, without a doubt, animated stickers. With them we can tell more things with a more relaxed and happy expression. Its latest improvement has to do with importing third-party stickers to the app. WhatsApp now allows you to import packages of stickers Stickers have become the new emoticons, capable of transmitting a mood, a response or whatever, hence new features are announced every so often with packs that are constantly being introduced. There were users who wanted much more and all thanks to the possibility of saving the stickers of other users. This was as simple as selecting them and saving them as favorites, but the app will let you do it officially. WhatsApp will now allow you to install third-party sticker packages. We can upload a file with and then share them with friends. In this way we can create our own spaces in our library of stickers. Officially, we could only use the official packages that were available from the application itself, although there were third-party apps on the Internet that helped to install them in an “unofficial” way. Now and thanks to what they tell us from WABetaInfo, this new function will be available for users of both iOS and Android versions 2.21.40 and respectively. At the moment it is a function in the testing phase. It will be available to those residing in the selected countries, which are India, Brazil and Indonesia. They will be the first to have it in hand. It is expected that in the coming weeks this feature will begin to reach many more users, in different regions. How to upload third-party stickers unofficially If you are one of those who want to wait for the update to arrive, as we discussed earlier, there is the possibility of getting them with a third-party app. On the Internet there are applications that allow you to create your own stickers and even upload them to your app. App like “Sticker Maker” is available for both iOS and Android, they allow you to create sticker packs for pets, for your group of friends, for your family or for your partner.

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