Finally: there is already a date and price for the arrival in Spain of the new OnePlus Pad tablet

Finally: there is already a date and price for the arrival in Spain of the new OnePlus Pad tablet

OnePlus has announced the official arrival of its first tablet, the OnePlusPad. This device has the objective of entering a market segment in which it has never been present and, in this way, competing with other Android manufacturers and, of course, with Apple’s iPads. We tell you what it offers and the price that has been settled with the one that will arrive in Spain.

As is the norm in many of the tablets that are currently launched, the screen is quite large (taking advantage of the fact that the frames are small, which means that this does not have an excessive impact on the dimensions). Specifically, this LCD component is 11.61 inches. The resolution is Full HD + resolution, a 7:5 format and 2.5D curvature. A very important detail here: this model offers a panel of 144 hertz which is compatible with Dolby Vision and the brightness reaches 500 nits.

In what has to do with the finish, it has a dark green aluminum chassis. It is important to note that the thickness of the OnePlus tablet remains at 6.54 millimeters and that the weight is very striking: 552 grams and a minimum thickness of 6.54 millimeters

Good hardware in the OnePlus Pad

RAM can reach 12GB of RAMso its performance is beyond doubt… Something in which it helps a lot that the integrated processor is a MediaTek Dimensity 9000 -which is capable of working at a frequency of up to 3 GHz-. This component, which uses four-nanometer manufacturing technology, stands out for offering high performance with low consumption, therefore ideal for all kinds of purposes.

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We must highlight some details that are striking in this OnePlus Pad. An example is that the sound is omnidirectional, which achieves a localization effect very positive (without lacking compatibility with Dolby Atmos). Besides, the battery reaches 9,510mAh which allows more than 14 hours of use according to the company itself. By the way, it does not lack fast charging that stands at a power of 67W.

Price in Spain of this tablet

On April 28 of this year it can be purchased in our country, with a price that is officially from 499 euros. In addition, it has been agreed that different accessories can be purchased, such as the OnePlus Stylo (€99) and the OnePlus Magnetic Keyboard (€149), the latter being the one that significantly increases the usefulness of this device to even replace to laptops thanks to its Android operating system.