Final Fantasy 7 with Battle Royale style now available to download on Google Play

Final Fantasy 7 First Soldier
final fantasy 7 with battle royale style now available to

The time has come to warm up our thumbs in order to get into the Battle Royale of Final Fantasy VII: the long-awaited game has already reached the mobile app stores and just today, November 17, the servers started up. First Soldier is based on the Final Fantasy universe, allows dozens of simultaneous players and offers an experience as complete as it is immersive.

The fashion for online multiplayer games with dozens of simultaneous opponents has not decreased for more than titles such as Fortnite or PUBG attract something less current. In fact, most of the shooters sagas have their own Battle Royale, even titles a little further away from the shooter mechanics, such as RPGs. In this genre we expected the opening of a very specific title: the Final Fantasy VII First Soldier. Were you also waiting for it? Well, the time has come to take up the sword.

Extensive, varied and with all the Final Fantasy experience

Final Fantasy 7 First Soldier

The new title of the saga lands on mobile, betting on fast-paced battles where you not only have to face other real players, but also to the different monsters that populate the maps. The key is not only the quality of the graphics, the textures or the fighting, but also the fact that the setting is inspired by the Final Fantasy VII universe. Something that, without a doubt, fans of this installment will like.

Final Fantasy VII First Soldier allows you to choose between several types of characters that, as usual in RPGs, can be highly customized. We will choose the appearance, attack styles, weapons, magic and much more: the list of options within the game is overwhelming. The graphic requirements are up to the task.

Known locations from Final Fantasy VII, recognizable monsters, Chocobos allow transportation through the stages just by calling them, impressive invocations accompanied by light effects and some complexity in the controls since, once the weapons, magic and advanced elements are accumulated, hitting the right button when attacking is not easy. The control interface, however, is well built.

Final Fantasy 7 First Soldier

If you have a more or less powerful Android, and with enough free space (it weighs around 1.5 GB once installed and updated), Final Fantasy VII First Soldier is an excellent recommendation in the event that you are attracted to Battle Royale and / or the Final Fantasy saga. The game is free, no ads and it does have purely cosmetic in-app purchases.


FFVII The First Soldier

  • Developer: SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
  • Download it at: Google play
  • Price: Free
  • Category: Action