Filtered the new Beats headphones that Apple works on

Filtered the new Beats headphones that Apple works on
filtered the new beats headphones that apple works on

Apple continues to work on expanding its empire in the sound segment. It does not have enough with AirPods, which are the most popular headphones of the moment, and as you know, Tim Cook’s company owns Beats, the manufacturer of high-end headphones. Now we have known that the brand would be close to launching new TWS headphones, and that they have undergone a certification where their design has even been seen. So everything points to that before some new AirPods, we will soon have new headphones from Beats. In this filtration some characteristics have been known that can give us an idea of ​​the model in question.

Beats Studio Buds, about to launch?

The device has been seen in the NCC of Taiwan, which is the National Communications Commission. In it the Beats Studio Buds, small headphones, which surely have some characteristics of the AirPods themselves. One of the novelties that this model introduces is the USB Type-C port to recharge the battery, instead of the usual Lightning used by Apple devices or similar brands, something that makes sense, since the need to change to this format that Apple has due to the impositions of the European authorities is known.

The look of the Beats Studio Buds

In previous leaks it has been extracted from the source code of the iOS beta, which have active noise cancellation, something essential in a high-end device as these Beats Studio Buds will surely be. They are also expected to debut a new Apple processor to pair them faster and enjoy integrated Siri, Apple’s voice assistant. Having passed through this certification tells us that they must be close to reaching the market. In fact, some NBA stars have already been seen with them, so they should be ready to launch, waiting for the right moment to do so.

This firm was founded in 2008 by Dr dre, a music producer and musician who saw clearly the possibility of creating a Premium audio brand that would guarantee the best sound quality, at the level of a recording studio. A few years later, Apple took over the company for a dizzying $ 3 billion. Therefore this brand and its technology have been the germ that has led Apple to create the AirPods, which are undoubtedly its most popular headphones. Although of course the Beats are more exclusive.