Files UWP: free, open source, downloadable from the Microsoft Store and an alternative to File Explorer

File Explorer in Windows is one of the basic tools of the Microsoft operating system. Essential on a day-to-day basis, it is at the same time one of those that has evolved the least if we take into account how other utilities, with less lifetime, already have a more modern and up-to-date interface.

And that’s what developer Luke Brevins intends to do by launching this vision of what Windows Explorer should be; offer an agile and functional alternative to the classic Microsoft explorer. An application that responds to the name of File UWP It can be downloaded from the Microsoft Store and it is also open source.

Open Source

Files 5

Available for download at this link, this application seeks to give a twist to what so far offers the classic File Explorer that has been present in our teams for decades. And although we have seen concepts, the truth is that the evolution in the old application is not as advanced as it should be.

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An application that is also open-source, which can be found at this Github link for third parties collaborates with comments and suggestions in the development of the utility.

For now, this alternative version of the explorer is still under development and offers a tab-based design to facilitate searching files and folders. In addition, supported by Fluent Design, it allows you to configure it with different designs that will be expanded in the future depending on the development of the application.

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.Among the options, we can enable the double click to rename files or enable the trash in the sidebar to make it easier to access from the browser without having to look away.

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Additionally, the developer claims that it is working to improve OneDrive support, add more search options, and even allow the use of WSL. There is more information about the development of Files at this link.