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FIFA franchise comes to an end at EA after 30 years

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Since the launch of its first edition in 1993, FIFA has become one of the most popular titles in the video game industry.

The first version of the saga was characterized by presenting a three-quarter isometric perspective, which broke the conventions of other similar titles that only showed a view from above.

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Another notable aspect was the integration of the sound of the public in the stadium, which was taken from live recordings that gave the experience more realism and created a feeling of immersion.

Through each edition, improvements and updates were applied to the game that raised the quality of the experience offered to the player.

Now, with the launch of the FIFA 30th editionthe developer company Electronic Arts (EA) has decided to put an end to this franchise that has captivated millions of soccer fans for three decades.

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The decision comes after months of negotiations between Electronic Arts and FIFA regarding the license agreement, which came to an end in May when the relationship between the two entities broke down, with FIFA stated that it would search for other partners.

Given this, EA pointed out that from next year the name of the game will become EA Sports FC. For the FIFA 23 version EA has incorporated women’s club teamsthough only from England and France.

The Australian superstar was chosen for the cover of the game Sam Kerr accompanied by the world champion Kylian Mbappé.

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On the other hand, taking into account that FIFA is still a game that enjoys great popularity among soccer fans, the rupture between EA and the organization represents a risk, since this does not guarantee that both parties will be successful separately in their respective Project. However, it seems that EA would be in a more favorable positiontaking into account the role it has had for 30 years developing and distributing the game.

In that sense, the company revealed last year that FIFA had registered sales for more than 325 million units throughout its three decades of existence, translating this into more than 20 billion dollars.

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