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Fiber optics: switch now! | c’t uplink 45.1

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c’t uplink is about fast Internet via fiber optics – with lots of practical tips for laying it in the house and apartment.

Anyone who has the chance now should definitely switch to fiber optics: The technology not only makes the Internet faster; it is more resilient to interference than DSL and has speed reserves for decades. Also: In the future, you will probably no longer be able to get a fiber optic connection as cheaply as it is currently – because the providers are tempting you with discounts.


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In the podcast, the c’t network experts Andrijan Möcker and Ernst Ahlers talk about the current status of fiber optic expansion in Germany, how technologies such as AON and GPON differ and what you have to pay attention to so that you really get a fast connection right into your home .

Once the connection is there, it is important to take a close look at the existing infrastructure in the apartment and house. If you get a fiber optic media converter from the provider, you can usually continue to use your router and other devices.


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