Festival Estéreo Picnic was selected to launch the HONOR X7a, X8a and Magic5 Lite cell phones

TechSmart learned that the attendees of the music festival Stereo Picnic in March of this year in Colombia, they will have the opportunity to learn about the new cell phones of HONORwhich will be present at the event as the official cell phone brand .

There will be three devices that will be part of the exclusive presentations that will be made throughout the 4 days that the event lasts, which will be held at the Briceno Golf Course from Bogota, in Colombia.

The HONOR X7a, HONOR X8a and HONOR Magic5 Lite will be the protagonists in front of 120,000 people on average.

Honor will present its new cell phones at the Estéreo Picnic music festival

Honor will present its new cell phones at the Estéreo Picnic music festival

In the case of the model X7a, if It will begin its distribution from next January 20. This cell phone has characteristics advanced features like a long-lasting battery with up to 2.5 days of autonomous life once it is fully charged.

The company claims that with this system people could see up to 20 hours of Youtube uninterrupted and 15 hours on platforms like TikTok so that users can see the content created by event attendees with the four cameras.

HONOR X8a and Magic 5 Lite phones will hit stores in Colombia until the first days of February. Although an exact date has not been established for the launch of these devicesit is known that both will have a prominent camera for the creation of content during the development of the music festival.

In all cases, cell phones advertised by HONOR They will be promoted during the days of the event and in case people wish to buy or try them to experience their benefits, they can do so directly at the Briceño Golf Course in Bogota.

On the other hand, due to the alliance between the Chinese brand and Stereo PicnicHONOR’s social networks in Colombia They will carry out activities related to music and the artists that will be presented at the festival, with the aim of giving individual passes to each person who participates with a value close to 600,000 pesos Colombians.

Who will perform at the Estéreo Picnic festival

Like every year, the music festival presents a lineup with some of the most recognized artists worldwide such as DrakeBlink 182, Rosalía, The Chemical Brothers, Wu-Tang Clan, bizarre, billie eilish and Lil Nas X, among others.

List of artists from the Estéreo Picnic music festival

List of artists from the Estéreo Picnic music festival

Tickets for the festival are already on sale from the Web page of the event “festivalestereopicnic.com”, where the price of each of the combos is indicated, in addition to starting the process of buy.

The virtual shopping for people who are not in Colombia but plan to go to the event are made from another web page that is accessed by clicking on the “International Purchases” button at the top right of the web page.