Feel-good updates for Nextcloud Hub: less stress with the free cloud office

feel good updates for nextcloud hub less stress with the free.png
feel good updates for nextcloud hub less stress with the free.png

With Hub 3, Nextcloud is primarily committed to convenience functions. This primarily applies to the photo and chat applications in the Office package.

Version 3 of the Nextcloud Hub has been released. The release is a collection of new features in the individual applications of the Office application package. With the innovations, the focus is primarily on the “digital well-being” of the users. After all, they would spend countless hours in front of the screens – time that should at best be fun.


There are innovations, among other things, in the revised Nextcloud interface. The first new feel-good features are customizable backgrounds, which will no longer only be used in the dashboard, but in all applications. In addition, Nextcloud is committed to accessibility and offers options for mouseless operation, screen reader functions, keyboard shortcuts and a special font for people with dyslexia.

The second big change concerns the way photos are displayed in Nextcloud. With Photos 2.0, Nextcloud wants to offer the convenience of closed, proprietary providers without their hunger for data. A new tile gallery view, a sharing function for photo albums, a photo uploader and editor and also AI-supported face and object recognition should ensure this. The latter relies on a neural network running on the host server, so no data needs to be shared with third parties.

Nextcloud Talk has also dedicated itself to digital well-being in order to be able to block out digital noise: In addition to UI adjustments, it is now possible to send calls or messages in groups only with notifications for certain groups of participants. You can also save your own working hours so that you are not disturbed outside of them.

The provider’s blog post contains the entire list of new features including other updates in the groupware area and in the performance of Nextcloud Hub. The last update package Hub II was mainly dedicated to the migration of user accounts. Nextcloud is a fork of ownCloud and can be self-hosted.

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