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Try These Gorgeous Hairstyles With Braids For Different Hair Lengths

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It doesn’t matter if you have long or short hair, everyone can show off with cute braids!

Braids are not just a hairstyle for long hair, they look incredibly good on short hair. And to inspire you to incorporate braids into your hairstyle, here we leave you images of celebrities with different hair lengths where braids are the protagonists. The best of all? You can do it yourself.

For short hair

To set hair up, spray hair defining spray from roots to ends. Move your parting to the side and make a French braid from forehead to neck. Repeat in the other side. If the braids come apart, use tweezers to grab them. At the end, spray the hairstyle with hairspray to set it longer.

For medium short hair

Comb your hair parted in the middle and use a little cream to curl the hair. Then spray it with a sea salt spray and comb it with your fingers to create a messy look. Make two French braids that start from the forehead and secure them with clips.

For medium length hair

Make a small, tight French braid, tightly attached to the parting, and secure it with an elastic. Then take the rest of the hair and put together another looser French braid, which we recommend also using an elastic.

For medium long hair

Take half the hair and put a half bun on top. Then with the remaining hair, put another half bun down and hold it with an elastic at the neck. Part by braiding the hair from the top half bun and then tucking the hair from the bottom half bun into the braid.

For long hair

The first thing you have to do is curl your hair with a little cream to highlight and set the waves. Then apply defining spray to achieve a more relaxed air to your look. Then make a very exaggerated part to the side and take some hair from below the neck and braid to the side that is not too tight.

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